Holiday Survival Tip #3- One Plate Club

I hope you all had a seriously sweet and awesome Thanksgiving!  Ours was beach-inspired with Thursday in Malibu and Friday in Santa Barbara.  Life is certainly good and though I hate to admit it, I am like a total California gurrrll!  (See what I just did there?) The holidays have not always been smiling pumpkins and sunshine for me.  In fact, I used to dread them and would habitually breakout in a sweat come November.  I knew I had to face a load of amazing (and very rich) food without any idea how to eat and enjoy without stuffing myself.  Round and round my brain would go, desperately trying to decide what to do. Eventually I'd arrive at an answer that was always all or nothing.   I was either going to stick to salad (no fun!) or eat 15 latkes, a pound of turkey, 4 scoops of mashed potatoes, 10 cookies and 1/2 the cranberry pear tart!

The tons of turkey option always won out which was immediately followed-up with loads of guilt and a strong desire for pajama pants.

Today's video is about the holiday survival tip that saved me from pajama pants purgatory and will allow you to eat latkes, turkey, short ribs, potatoes, cookies and whatever else tickles your tastebuds while maintaining balance and ease in your eating.  Sound too good to be true?  Check it out and see!

Holiday Survival Tip #3: One Plate Club

P.S. Notice how I said 4th piece. I meant 3rd.  Oops!

After watching this video, tell me in the blog below:

1)  How does being a member of the one plate club help you? 2)  What holiday dishes do you enjoy most?

Know someone who could really use this tip?  Pass it on with today's TWEETABLE.

Much love and I'll see you next week for my fourth tasty tip on surviving the holidays!

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