The Energetics of Food and YOU! with Jamie G. Dougherty and Stacy Vajta

Have you noticed lately that what you eat has a huge effect on how you feel? Do you find yourself being drawn to certain foods, either to satisfy a craving or to boost your energy and mood?Or, has your diet changed lately, leaving you wondering why this inner change? Do you feel that what you are eating is no longer in sync with your overall health and well-being…even holding you back from your own personal growth and healing?If so, you are not alone. The times, they are a’changing! Join Jamie G. Dougherty the fabulous food guru of Jamie Living Health & Lifestyle Coaching, and Stacy Vajta, Master Intuitive Energy Healer and owner of Expanded Pathways as they share the secrets to staying in balance physically, emotionally and energetically. It’s all about the energetics of food…and you!

Together they’ll be talking about the energy of food – not only the inherent energy in our food which affects us emotionally and physically, but also the connection to the bigger cosmic energy and the energetic changes we’re under-going which are affecting us physically and energetically and creating an even stronger need for a healthy, well balanced diet.

Throughout the call you will learn:

  • What “evolutionary” energetic changes are occurring which are affecting you
  • How your physical body adapts to the energetic changes you are embodying
  • Why a high vibrational diet can support you energetically and emotionally
  • What and how to eat to avoid revving or depleting your energy
  • Top energy sucking foods that leave your system zapped and begging for a re-boot!

The energetic demand on our physical bodies is growing and getting healthy both physically and energetically is so important to staying in balance these days. Join this call and get the scoop on how you can find this balance through the energetics of food and the energetics of you!

About Stacy Vajta Stacy Vajta, M.A., owner of Expanded Pathways, is a master energy healer. With over 25 years of experience, she has a unique ability to connect to subtle energies and support deep change in her client’s energy and experience of life. Particularly tuned-in to the evolving energy that is changing us both physically and energetically, Stacy specializes in supporting people to expand into new levels of consciousness as she helps clear old energetic blocks and emotional patterns so they can move ahead in their own spiritual evolution with clarity and ease. Stacy is also an independent Amazon Herb Company distributor, helping you to hold a higher vibration each and every day! You can find Stacy on Facebook and Twitter!

About Jamie G. Dougherty Jamie G. Dougherty is the owner and founder of Jamie Living, Health and Lifestyle Coaching and fabulous foodie extraordinaire!  She is a certified Holistic Nutrition Coach with a private and corporate practice that offers assistance nationwide. She is the author of the wildly popular e-cookbook, Spring Forward to the New You: 30 Delicious and Cleansing Recipes for your Fabulous Figure and is the food guru to busy, frustrated women finally ready to let that s**t go and become healthy, fun and fabulous! Be sure to join Jamie on Facebook and Twitter and get your free 5-STEP GUIDE TO FABULOUS at JAMIELIVING.

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