F*** resolutions and still get what you want!

Happy happy New Year!  I've just now come out of my 7-day hiatus and I will admit it felt really good.  There truly is no better way to start a new year than in your pajamas with a cup of tea watching Babs sing her heart out in Hello Dolly!  (Wait, is that just me?)  Anyhoo, as January is a big month for resolutions I wanted to give the topic of bit of attention.   First let's get one thing straight.  I don't like resolutions.  In fact, have you ever noticed that when you become "resolute" about anything, you set yourself up for failure? For example, what happens if you don't meet your resolution of 2012 weight loss? You feel worse about yourself than before, immediately give up and comfort yourself with a bag of organic graham crackers.  (They are organic so that's OK, right?)   Resolutions create a nasty cycle of over-promising and under-delivering that leaves you with no motivation to actually achieve what you want.  There is no greater promise for failure than creating a ginormous "to-conquer" list that is so daunting you become overwhelmed and immediately paralyzed into in-action.

Rather than setting rigid resolutions this year, try setting intentions. The beauty of intentions is they direct the mind towards goals you want to achieve, while leaving a bit of wiggle room.   There is aggressive immediacy to resolutions (I must lose this weight NOW!), whereas intentions require a bit of patience and time.   Now, don't get the wrong idea.  Though softer around the edges, intentions are not about having an eject button or "get out of jail free" card when things get tough, but instead grant you permission to slow down, take stock and readjust if you feel overwhelmed, scared or are simply tired of pushing.

Interested in what JamieLiving's got going on intention-wise for 2012?  I know you are so here's my list:  

  • Tighten my branding, voice and message of full-life wellness to empower women to reclaim to their food, their kitchens, their bodies and their inner sassy spark!
  • Launch my 10-week digital program Live with Bite!
  • Be a featured speaker on teleclasses, telesummits and online conferences
  • Hit 2,000 LIKES on the JamieLiving FB fan page
  • Be an expert food and lifestyle guest for local and national TV and radio shows
  • Make Tanya's (the newest JamieLiving Health Coach!) schedule so full of clients she can barely see straight!  
  • Travel to France and kiss my man with a mouth full of gluten-filled baguette (sexy, I know)
  • Write guest blog posts for well-known and respected blogs
  • Create partnerships and friendships with fellow entrepreneurial ladies who are rockin' it, changin' the world and livin' the life

Now at first glance one might say, "Holy goodness, are you crazy?!?"  Then on second look might say, "That's a s*** ton of stuff, how will you find the time?"  Honestly, I said both those things plus a few other choice phrases including, "that's totally impossible" and "who do you think you are".  After I thanked those nasty thoughts for their input and told them to SHOVE OFF, I realized that though this is a seriously tall order, it is all completely doable.  And not only that, but doable in a way where I can still keep my sanity and balance.  "HOW?", you ask.  Because each bullet-point on my list is an intention that once put to paper and surrounded by forethought, planning, love, diligence, and faith cannot help but come to fruition.  There is no giant, slave-driving, taskmaster of resolution bearing down on me yelling, "Harder, faster, push more!" but instead a sassy angel of intention who says, "That's right sweet girl.  I got your back, I'm on your side, we're in this journey together and this is gonna happen!"  Whoosh, what a difference!

SO, what are your intentions for 2012?  In the comments below be sure tell me what you are creating and working on in this awesome even-numbered year.  (Oooh those round numbers just makes me so happy.  Yes, I am an order lovin' freak!)  Remember, sharing is caring and I want to hear all about what's on your agenda in the next few months.  Much love, happy New Year and enjoy those fabulous intentions!

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