Makin' sweet chocolaty luv....

If you haven't already noticed, I've been all about revealing secrets recently. So here's another one...Chocolate is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.  Seriously!  He protects me from heart disease, high blood pressure and with his natural mood enhancing chocolately goodness, in just one bite he takes me from drab to fab! He never says no to me, is always there for me and somehow knows exactly when I need love and attention.

Every girl deserves to have a deeply satisfying relationship with her chocolate.  The problem is that many of us keep our sweetie hidden from view, only enjoying him quickly and covertly so as to avoid someone seeing him and asking for a nibble.  To miss chocolate’s slow, sensuous nature is to deprive ourselves of the relationship of lifetime.  No one will commit to you, listen to you and know exactly what to say the way chocolate will.  In fact, my chocolate man and I just hit year 20 and we are still going strong!

Ah Yeah!
About to get it on!
Makin' sweet chocolaty luv!
One happy girl!

Here are four simple steps to creating a lasting and loving relationship with your chocolate:

See – Look your chocolate over and notice his beautiful shape and how he is melted into form. Smell – Does he smell like coffee, Tahitian vanilla, or nutmeg?  Notice his unique scent and let it fill your senses. Chew – Take one square of your chocolate and chew it very carefully in your mouth, making sure not to swallow.  This allows for him to melt evenly over your tongue. Melt – Let the chocolate sit on your tongue and melt across your palate.  The longer you let the rich goodness stay the more chances he has to touch each of your taste buds.

I know, right?  When you eat chocolate like that, actual men seem to pale in comparison. (Just kidding, we love our real men!)  Now are your ready to commit to this relationship fully and completely?  Grab yourself a dark chocolate bar, find a luxurious couch, lean back and go slow.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.  (If you feel like going BIG, try these chocolate blueberry truffles.  All I can say is, wowza!)

Leave a comment and tell me what your relationship with chocolate is like and how he (or she) makes you feel.   Come on, I want to know  ;)

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day makin' sweet chocolaty luv!

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