This seriously scared me...

OK, this is me being really, truly honest and it is SERIOUSLY scary.  This may come as a surprise to you but I've never been good at telling the truth.  Oh yeah, I'm a straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is kind of a girl, but when it comes to being honest about my own struggles, I can hide that sh*t like nobody's business.  I'm a health & lifestyle coach (AKA The Food Therapist), and as such I'm supposed to have all that emotional crap figured out, right?  Yes I eat kale, cabbage, arugula and broccoli twice a day, I've said goodbye to sugar cravings, and I LOVE to cook.  And because I wanted things to look perfect on the outside, I never allowed myself to be open about what was stewing on the inside. Early on I decided personal vulnerability made me look weak and unknowing and so while my clients courageously opened themselves up to me, I put on my "everything is perfect" face whenever friends asked after my own welfare.  With walling myself away from my own authenticity, thinking I needed to know everything and do it all on my own, I covertly chipped away at my self confidence.  Now, I am not someone you would say is lacking in self confidence.

And yet with every compliment I gave myself, there was a quick "you stink" slap to follow.  Outwardly I was the girl who had it all together while inwardly I berated myself for not having all the answers, for not being enough or doing more.  It was a big secret to keep, this whole not being perfect thang.  And it sucked because let me tell you, that stuff is heavy!  It weighs down your body, your mind and your spirit until finally you say, “Enough!  I get it.  I need help!!”

Since embarking on this imperfection detox 9 months ago, I have seen more opportunities, love, and happiness appear in my life than ever before.  It sounds woo woo but when I gave myself permission to love and accept myself fully and completely, blemishes and all, the goodness radiating out reflected back to me 10 fold.  The best part of it all is that my clients are now making breakthroughs they never thought possible!  They are uncovering and releasing old thought patterns that have weighed them down for years and are experiencing their lives in an entirely new way.  Amazing stuff!

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Much love as always for reading, reaching out and having the courage to change!

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