Score MAJOR brownie points this Mother's Day!

I knew I'd get you with that title because honestly, who doesn't want to wow their mom, wife, grandma or even daughter this Mother's Day???

Up until a year ago I held cooking classes every month.  They were wonderful and we cooked all types of food from Thai, Indian, Italian, and Greek to learning how to master healthy foods like greens, grains and beans.  However with JamieLiving going hog wild (yahoo!) the last 12 months and my attention being needed elsewhere, the cooking classes were put by the wayside.  And though I get asked for cooking classes regularly, I now only have time for the rare and special cooking event.

Which is why I am SO excited to share what's been up at JamieLiving in the cooking department!

A few months ago I combined wonder-woman forces with Alexis Koefoed, the lovely owner of Soul Food Farm, and together we decided to create an amazing Mother's Day Cooking Class!  Awesome, right??  I know!

On Saturday, March 12 we are opening up Alexis' beautiful farm kitchen to 12 lucky mothers and daughters who are ready to eat, dance, cook and connect with the women they love most in the world.  (Aunties, Godmothers, Step-Moms, and BFFs are welcome as too!)  A woman learns how to eat by watching the women in her life and as the kitchen is the center of the home, it is where life in the form of delicious food is created and sustained.  This unique cooking class is your chance to connect with the lady you love most and share with her the true joy of cooking!

This delicious mother-daughter day is meant to tantalize your taste buds, stimulate your senses and leave you with a profound understanding of what to eat and how to cook it for your beautiful body!

For more details and to snag your spot, CLICK HERE.

We have done very little marketing and already the class is 33% FULL!  The tickets are goin' like hotcakes.   (Or organic kale cakes!)

This class is about sharing a deeply delicious experience with your mother or daughter. It doesn't matter whether you cook every day or rarely step foot in the kitchen.  This class is for all levels and is all about getting your mother/daughter food groove on!!

What can you expect from the cooking class?  Click here to find out!

How do you know the Mother-Daughter Divinely Delicious Cooking Class is right for you?  Read HERE, sweetness, read HERE!

I can tell you right now that this class is going to fill up!  If you want have an amazingly unique experience with the woman you love, where you both learn to feed your tummies, hearts and minds, snag your spot RIGHT NOW!

Know any great women you'd like to invite?  Feel free to pass the event on!

This is the year that a card and flowers simply won't do.  Sign up today and get excited for a Mother's Day neither of you will ever forget!

In the comments below, tell me what is the best Mother's Day you've ever had?  What made it so special?  What are you tips for making Mother's Day memorable?

Also, be sure to share the Mother's Day LOVE with Today's Tweetable!

 Much love and I will see you on the farm!

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