Are you OVER being a body-berating, sugar-craving, crazy person?

I know, sweetie.  Me too!!

The amount of edible and emotional crap I've digested in my life  (thank you, dear body!) is quite shocking and up until 7  years ago, I thought I was the only one who did it.  NOPE, as it turns out, I was not alone.   We all have moments of sucking down candy we don't really want, swallowing painful emotions that make us sick and thinking terrible thoughts that fill our minds with "stories" of how we aren't good enough, smart enough, rich enough, happy enough, thin enough, or healthy enough!

It is because of these "not enoughs" that I'm hosting my FREE virtual Eat, Drink, Dance + Detox Par-tay on May 9th SO we can all stop our body-berating, sugar craziness and deliciously detox togetha'!

You have got to get on this call if YOU:

Crave sugar at 4 pm and will sacrifice small children to get the last peanut M&M Have wanted to do a detox for years but are too scared because you fear hunger (legit, yo!) Are a scary, bleary-eyes, caffeine-craving monster without your morning cup of jo' Tell your body it's fat, flabby, SO NOT CUTE, and certainly not good enough You desperately want to cook more but are too tired, too busy and it just seems like too much! Use cookies, Skinny Cow ice cream, candy, and iced lattes as a treat to deal with your otherwise stressful and overwhelming day

If you are ready to easily quit the crap, get all your detox questions answered and go from drab to FAB, get on this list!

Just click on my smiling, happy face below to get on the list AND share it with your friends!

This promises to be the party of the year (OK, at least of this Spring) so be sure to sign up and pass it on via Twitter and Facebook TODAY.

The party call will also be recorded so you can listen at any time.  How awesome and easy is that?

Once you are on the list, help me share the Delicious Detox luv! Click HERE and share, share, share!!

Much love and I can't wait to let you in on all my delicious detoxing secrets at the party.

"See" you on the call!

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