7 life-altering actions to take before you make any new change!

JamieLiving just turned 5 (woo hoo!) and like any 5-year old, she is just starting to get how the world works.  As an infant business, she had starry-eyed visions of Oprah appearances, network offers and oh, helping thousands of women change the way they eat, drink and think by her second birthday.  It was a tall order and one the mother of this dear lil' infant business (that would be me!) certainly could not fill.   As a mother, it is heart-wrenching to not fulfill the dreams of your children.  You want the best for them and like all mothers, you “just want them to be happy,”  (how many times have we heard that before?).  I started my business intent on changing women's food and lives which would in turn, change the world.  A grand vision that I had not the slightest idea how to achieve.  

There were certainly a few flops and floundering moments as my beautiful-little-girl business grew from infant to toddler.  She stumbled and stubbed her toe on fears, worries and ever-present freak-outs of “Is this right?”,  "What's SEO?” and “Why aren’t I famous yet?”  Yet now that she’s a “big girl” of 5, I look back and see how amazingly far she’s come.  In fact, my little girl is killin' it and I couldn’t be prouder.

And yet, yes yet, there are a few things I wish I had known to help guide her more smoothly.  Her success fills my heart and warms my soul yet her lessons learned have been hard won.  One can't regret the paths they choose as each is picked for a specific reason.  We only know what we know when we know it, right?  However, it can be hard to not let the "You should have know better," voice sneak in.  Yet the shame and guilt produced by such thoughts are completely useless as we know (though often forget), we can’t change the past.

We can however impact our future.  Hoorah and thank the heavens!   I'm insanely passionate about teaching women how their food choices and body thoughts effect every single aspect of their lives because oftentimes there is an extreme desire for change but no idea where to start.  Whether you want to feel confident, end self-doubt, learn to slow, lose weight, get off sugar, or rediscover your body's innate beauty, each new lifestyle shift must first be preceded by a plan.  Otherwise, just like a new business, you are more likely to flounder and be flanked by self-doubt.     

(If you've got the self-doubt, overwhelm crazy talk going on, it's time for a one-on-one check in, my sweet!)

Here are my 7 life-altering action steps to take before making any new life change.  Use these whenever you want to change your thoughts, your food, or how you engage in any new and exciting endeavor.  With these 7 steps all lined up and ready to go, you are certain to rock the casbah!

7 life altering actions to take before making any new change

1. Thoughtful action- Often we start a business, a project or a new way of eating and our first thought is, “Quit your crying and just get it done.”  This mindset, though helpful to stop the crying, is dangerous as it can quickly lead to worry and poorly-planned, floundering decisions.  In making any new change, give yourself time to create a thoughtful, marketable, personally-representative plan of action that asks the "why" and "how" for each desired outcome.   

2. Build a community-  You don’t have to do this whole change thang alone.  Let me repeat, you don’t have to do this alone.  Community is the quickest way to make sure you stay focused and supported throughout your new (or current) endeavor.  Build a group around you that will party with you during the highs and pick you up and dust you off in the lows. 

3. Kill the competitive commandos-  Competitive thoughts suck the soul out of your new endeavor and your life.  As women we are built for community so when jealous, competitive thoughts enter our brain they literally stop our desired change in its tracks.  You cannot create all that you dream of alone so kick those competitive commandos to the curb and reach out to find your peeps. 

4. Find a mentor-  After giving yourself permission to not do it alone, find someone who inspires you, enthralls you and makes you say, “Damn, I want to be like that!” And then...connect.  Reinventing the wheel is no fun and honestly, unnecessary.  Find someone you admire, who rocks your world and get their energy in regular doses.  

5. Trust your own pace-  Stop the cranky comparisons right now.  Everyone is on their own path so trust your pace and the speed at which you progress.  Some people move fast while others take more time.  Either way, we all end up in the same place so you might as well trust your intuition and enjoy the ride.

6. Walk your talk-  You are a representation of your life and your values.  If you aren’t walking your talk (i.e. a copywriter with a website full of typos or a body-berating health coach) you’ve got to get it togetha’.  We all know it’s easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed.  When you feel yourself slipping, always come back to YOU: What are your needs and what do you want to accomplish?  You are your new endeavor's greatest asset, it’s as simple as that, so make sure your talk is being walked.

7. Success is NOW-  You are doing wonderfully now.  Not when you kick diet Coke to the curb, when you finally believe your are worthy and deserving, have 5,000 Facebook fans or when Oprah asks for your availability.  N.O.W.  Everything you do now is making way for the desires and dreams that lie before you.  Appreciate each moment so you can fully connect with your personal and professional purpose which keeps you gently on task for all you want to create. 

Good stuff, right?  So here's how you are going to get started!

On the blog below tell me, what do you wish you had known before taking on new change?  Which life altering action spoke to you most and how will you incorporate it?

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Much love and as always, thanks for reading and sharing your brilliance in the comments below.


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