How to cure competition with the crazy, sexy Kris Carr!

I am so excited about this I might tinkle in my pants a little!  For those of you who don't know Kris Carr, she is the brilliant wellness warrior, documentarian and New York Times best-selling author behind Crazy Sexy Life.  She is all about green juice, getting your happiness on and igniting a health revolution. Well, I'm thrilled to announce that my article "Are competition commandos controlling your brain?" has been published on Kris Carr's amazing blog today.  Ah yeah!

I've secretly loved and hated Kris Carr for years.  I've loved her because she is smart, funny, quirky as hell, gets glowing shout-outs from Oprah, and is making a brilliant impact on the health of the world all in one mighty fell swoop.  And I've hated her for all the same reasons.  Comparison queen, much?  Yep, that's me.

For every accolade, every magazine cover, every Dr. OZ appearance I'd think, "Why isn't that me?  I'm just as cute as she is!  Telling people to eat kale is my job, for goodness sake.  Where the hell is my best-selling book and hug from Donna Karan?"

My Kris Carr competition came to a head almost a year ago when she was profiled in a New York Times Magazine article entitled Crazy Sexy Entrepreneur.

As I stood in the kitchen that early Sunday morning, reading the article on my iPhone with one hand, and wiping away the barrage of tears dripping from my face with the other, I decided I was over it.  I was over the competition commandos controlling my brain and driving me crazy.  I was over letting jealousy run rampant within me and thinking it was a good motivator.  In that moment I realized competition wasn’t moving me forward in my mission, it wasn’t propelling me to outshine Kris Carr, and it sure as hell wasn’t making me feel better about myself.  If anything, the competition conversation was keeping me exactly where I didn’t want to be...stuck!

After explaining to my husband that no one had died, (a legitimate reaction to finding your wife hysterical in the kitchen) I decided to see what it would be like to let go of competition and comparison.  It certainly wasn’t easy at first.  If you are anything like me, that shit is hardwired.  However, over time it got easier and my need to compete softened.  It’s been 11 months since I sent my inner competition queen on vacation and I can honestly say, it’s been a freakin’ load off.  She tries to come home every once in a while and I remind her she’s having way more fun on vacation than being with me in the thick of things.  She falls for it every time.

All that said, I’m still in shock that a year after my Kris Carr-crazytown-meltdown, my article on how to quell your inner competition commandos is now published on her blog.  When I pitched the piece I knew her readership would enjoy it but I had completely forgotten it was Kris Carr herself that made me look at my own competitive nature.

Amazing how things come full circle.

Be sure to hop on over to read the post and tell me in the comments below, what do you get competitive about?  How do you feel when you begin to compare yourself to others?  How do you quell your competitive commandos?

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Much love and I'll see you soon,


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