Slammin' Savoy Cabbage

How often do you see a gorgeous-lookin' head of savoy cabbage and think, "I know I should eat that." (I'm hoping the answer is often ;))  Or perhaps its beautiful green leaves catch your eye and you ponder, "I know I've seen that in restaurants before. But what do I do with it?" Ponder no more, my dear cabbage crusader!

In this episode of Seasonal Bites I walk you through the awesomeness that is savoy cabbage and give you everything you need to know about how to pick a winner and creatively cook it up!

Slammin' Savory Cabbage from Jamie Dougherty on Vimeo.

Now that's a HOT face ;)

Are  you ready to get cabbage cooking?  Here are my favorite cabbage recipes to get you started:

Braised Cabbage with Green Garlic (So freakin' good it brings a tear to my eye)

Arugula and Cabbage Slaw 

Cabbage with Parmesan & Lemon

Roasted Chicken and Cabbage soup

In the comments below please tell me, what is your favorite type of cabbage and how do you like to eat it? If you aren't much of a cabbage eater, tell me why and how this video helped get cabbage closer to your plate.  ;)

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As always it is an honor to support and serve you. Happy summer, thanks for watching, commenting and here's to MORE!

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