Your holiday letter of resignation

I know you do too much.  You know you do too much.  And yet every Fall you pile your plate so high with SHOULD DOs (and turkey with stuffing) that come January you feel like an icky, deflated balloon that’s been run over by a truck and needs to check into a spa...permanently. Today I am accepting your holiday letter of resignation.  You are to resign from:

Being a Debbie-do-it-all.   Being the human vacuum cleaner of leftover holiday cookies Taking charge when you don’t want Moving at the speed of light because you think you have to but hate it Organizing every little detail Being a sponge of everyone else’s emotions Trying to make everyone happy

Don’t you feel better already?

Just so you know you are not alone, here's me resigning from my "SHOULD DO" list and instead went apple picking with my ladies!

This is just a smidge of the lightness I’ve got for you.  Sign up for my FREE Freakin’ Rad Fall Cleanse Call and get access to my Letter of Resignation Video that tells you how to go from a Debbie-do-it-all to a totally-chill-Charlie.

You are going to feel so freakin’ rad after your letter is written.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up for the call, get the video and resign from the holidays today.  I promise, this will be the best Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and New Years ever!  

Tell me below, what's on your holiday resignation letter?  This is big stuff so let it roll!

Do you know anyone who needs to write a holiday letter of resignation of their own?  Then pass it along with today's TWEETABLE.

See you on the call!

Much love,  



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