Are you beyond broccoli?

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you’ve been having an amazing start to your year.  To be honest, I’ve been unsettled. For weeks I've had this feeling I couldn’t shake and it was really starting to freak me out, as I pride myself on having my shit together. And then while I was journaling yesterday, the ah-ha moment I’d been impatiently waiting for hit me: I am sick of talking to you about broccoli. 

For the past two years my practice has gradually moved in the direction of getting underneath people’s food.  We talk more about their relationships than radishes and more about their business than Brussels sprouts.  And I’ve been a little nervous to divulge this to you because going beyond broccoli feels like I’m giving my nutrition background the finger.

But when I got real with myself, the women who benefit the most from my coaching are already regulars at Whole Foods and know how to cook kale.  Their real problem is they’re anxious messes who can’t make it through the day without creating a laundry list of everything they must do, everything they’ve done wrong, and then taking it out on themselves by doubting their worth or eating an entire tray of roasted parsnips.

And when you are spinning that hard, broccoli ain’t gonna fix it.

My client Julie is one of these women.  She loves to shop at the farmers market and only buys pasture-raised eggs.  She’s a therapist so she’s done a TON of emotional work.  Her problem, or so she thought, was her weight.  

As it turns out, Julie’s white cake with cream cheese frosting obsession wasn’t the cause of her weight problem but a symptom of a deeper one: her never ending should list.  We’ve all got should lists and Julie bullied herself every day with feeling that she should be getting more done in her day, making more money, creating more impact in the world.  Her biggest “should” was that an “emotionally evolved” person like herself shouldn’t feel "uncool", be anxious around food or hard on her body.  

After digging under her “shoulds” and setting up an amazing system to check in with her body and core wants, for the first time in her adult life Julie’s anxiety has softened.  Her life that had felt like an overwhelming shit-storm for the past 35 years is now not only manageable, but surprisingly easy.  The conflict around her need to be perfect has ended, working hard is no longer a badge of honor and her anxiety has magically cleared.  To top it all off, while everyone one was gaining weight over the holidays, she lost 8 pounds. 

So what I really want to know is are you ready to go beyond broccoli and actually change your life? 

Sure I’ll still give you recipes and tell you what’s in season at the farmer’s market because that’s fun, but I’m really interested in knowing what actually matters.  That is, how do you want to feel?

 Starting February 5 there are 3 open spots in my private coaching practice. If you are excited to go beyond broccoli, it is time to talk.  

Simply click here to snag one of the spots to work with me and we will set up a time to chat.  

Now here's what I want to know.  How do you feel about going beyond broccoli?  Scared, excited, relieved, ready?  Take a moment and ask, "How do I feel about getting under my need for perfection or my shoulds list?" and tell me in the comments below.

Remember, moving beyond broccoli is just as important as eating it.  TWEET THIS.


Sending big love your way and here’s to YOU being beyond broccoli!

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