The simple act that will make your YEAR

Hello 2013!  I'm back and settling in after the longest visit I've had with my family since leaving for college 15 years ago.  We partied, cuddled, ate chicken tagine and lots of gluten-free cookies and though I slept like a baby, I'm still recovering.   It would be easy to blame holiday craziness for my exhaustion but it wasn't the hustle and bustle.  It was me.  Something inside me wanted to go go go.  

A churning.  A pulsing.  A, "Must-not-sit-still", kind of nagging.

In my mind I was all about the R&R yet once there, I didn't create space for a single moment of down time.  What the heck?

As my clients know, I'm a big fan of asking WHY.  It's imperative to get under our food and our needs to shift for the body and life we want.  I also believe in walking my talk so yesterday I sat down and asked myself...WHY?

Why was I so antsy during the holidays?  Why did I feel the need to push? Why was I unable to slow?  Why can't I DO NOTHING without feeling guilty?

And here's the hit that came up....

2012 was a giant, big, blow-your-face-off kind of year, personally AND professionally.  That kind of shit happens when on New Years Eve 2011 you declare 2012 to be "THE YEAR OF LEARNING". (Insert booming God-like voice here.)   And because I have been on the rollercoaster of learning for the past 12 months, it feels uncomfortable to take a break to recalibrate. 

Rather, I've been waiting for the ride to gently stop and let me off.  No such luck.  

And truthfully, with the speed and pace at which I've been learning, to "take a moment" seems like a waste.  "There's so much more," a nagging voice says to me.  And I listen...because I'm afraid of what slowing down may mean.  If learning happens at such a fast pace, is it possible to experience the same insights without your hair aflame?

Yes, thank heavenly buddha, it is.  As it turns out, there is one simple act that helped me meld my many lessons of 2012 with easing into 2013.

It is the Sing it Loud and Proud List.  Here's what happened when I wrote it.

Taking stock and praising all that I had done and learned this past year gave me permission to relax my shoulders.  The list was long, flowing and impressive.  I found my breath and took big deep swallows.  The need to do more subsided.  In seeing the list I realized, "Hot damn, I've done enough."  And within 5 minutes of writing it, I watched an hour of Louis C.K. skits on YouTube without ever once considering what I should be doing.  HUGE.

So here's my Sing it Loud and Proud List. There's no rhyme or reason to it.  Nothing is more or less important and it spans all avenues of my life.  

What I'm proud of from 2012:

My Delicious Detox and Freaking Rad Fall Cleanse.

An ever expanding community.

Supporting, loving, listening, empowering and inspiring my clients. 

Buying a new computer.

Openly crying.

Bubble baths.

Wearing skin tight leggings.

Rockstar hair.

Strength in the face of disaster.

Taking my father's advice.  Finally.

Hitting the farmer's market in the rain.

Courage to just not know.

Being a student.

Drinking wine and eating cheese without guilt.  

Smiling at strangers.

Trust that no matter what my brain says, my body knows best.  


Listening to my siblings without judgement.


Wearing contacts and heels.

Creating beautiful space.

Sharing my  truth.

Waking up without an alarm.

Going to spin class.

Not going to spin class.

Salsa dancing.

Writing thank you notes in a timely manner.  

Letting go.

Buying new clothes.

Having my daily actions enhance the joy of those around me.

Morning pages.

Understanding that good enough is often great.

Seeking (and finding) mentors.  

Gold hoop earrings.




Now it's you turn.  What's on your Sing it Loud and Proud list?

If you are feeling pressed, pushed, stressed and like your 2013 is already too full, WRITE YOUR LIST and catch your breath.

In the comments below tell me, what's on your Sing it Loud and Proud List? What surprised you about what's on your list? 

Know a lady who needs to write her own Sing it Loud and Proud List?  The share with today's TWEETABLE

Much love, happy 2013 and here's to another year of learning.



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