What I really eat....

Before I dive into today's email I'm hosting a teleclass, How to Love your Body and your Business with success coach Jo Ilfeld, on February 13th at 3 pm PST and I want you to be there. In the last few months I've been inundated with people asking me how I keep both my body and business running smoothly so I created this call to answer all your questions. Jo will also share her expertise and secret to productivity which she's told me is not what I think, SO I really can't wait!  Think of this call as a tasty dose of love to get your Valentine's Day started right. Sign up here.  OK, on to today's email.

"So Jamie, what do you eat?"

For the last 5 years this is the question I've received almost daily from my clients. I used to skirt the issue saying, "It doesn't matter what I eat. It matters what YOU eat." I didn't want them to feel bad for eating cupcakes or heaven forbid compare themselves to me and then decide they would never be "healthy enough" so why bother. I wanted them to eat well not for me, or because Shape Magazine guilted them into it or because they were desperate for male attention. I wanted them to choose good food because it felt good, tasted good and they knew they DESERVED GOODNESS.

And yet, it felt icky avoiding their questions. Talking about food is just like sharing it. It bring us together and so by holding back about what was going into my mouth, I was erecting unintended walls between me and my clients. What's so cool is that when I now answer the "what do you eat" question, my clients feel closer to me and also gain new insights into their own food patterns.

So here's a behind-the-scenes look at what I down daily. I don't follow any regimen. The only requirement is that it's well-sourced, it's really tasty and it's exactly what my body wants.

Breakfast: Something with a good source of fat that keeps me satisfied until lunch. Salad with avocado, apple and tamari roasted sunflower seeds, hard boiled eggs, an orange and a handful of nuts, omelets, organic, plain full-fat yogurt, sweet potatoes with tahini sauce.

Lunch: Some sort of organic, pasture-raised protein and lots of veggies. Chicken and veggie soup, lemongrass pork stew, lots of greens (either kale, cabbage, dandelion greens, broccoli), roasted carrots, potatoes and delicate squash, cabbage slaw topped with sardines, roasted garbanzo beans.

Dinner: Same as lunch: protein and lots of veggies. Fish with braised fennel, beef stew, roasted chicken and Brussels sprouts, kale salad, smashed potatoes with green onions. I've also been really into lentils with Dijon vinaigrette. Freakin' amazing and they go with fish, chicken, beef patties, whatever.

What you don't see: Lots of wheat, grains, processed soy, sugar and dairy. When I started my clean-eating journey 10 years ago, I ate a ton of grain. I was all about brown rice and quinoa and after about 5 years (yes, I was slow on the uptake) I noticed that every time I ate them I felt bloated and tired. Now I eat grains about 2 times a month and I feel awesome. Now just to clarify. I didn't stop eating grains because I was afraid of CARBS. In fact, I eat my weight in potatoes. I stopped eating grains because they don't make me feel good, which when you know how to interpret your body's signals, is the only food chooser you need.

Same goes for sugar, dairy and wheat. They aren't regulars in my diet. But I also don't avoid them like the plague. I choose them when I really want them (like ordering the lemon tart at Bouchon, when my friends assemble a gorgeous cheese plate or I'm heading to my favorite pizza place) and then otherwise, I let them be.

You should know that this buddha-on-a-mountain-top way of eating did not happen over night. There was a ton of trial and error along with a heavy dose of food terror. I went round and round on different diets, hoping one would be "the answer", which of course none of them were which only defeated me more. Turns out, the answer was learning how to listen with deference to my body and her needs. To commit to opening my heart and quieting my mind so I could hear what SHE really had to say. When I did that, my food fears melted away.

This is something I spend a lot of time on with my individual clients. If you want learn the very specific way of how to listen to your body to melt away your food fear, contact me here.

I have 2 spots left for my February private coaching enrollment and I would love for you to snag one of the remaining spots.

Much love and here's sharing what we eat with no more food fear,


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