Should you do a cleanse or just drink wine?

How excited are you that Spring is officially here?!?  Asparagus is plentiful at the farmer’s market, roses abound, and with the sweet smell of renewal in the air you begin to ask yourself, “Should I do a cleanse?”  OY-HOLY-MOTHER-OF-GOODNESS, if I had a nickel for every time I get asked this question come April.  And of course you can’t walk 2 feet without someone telling you about the amazing, raw food juice cleanse they are on, how vibrant they feel and how they’ve never pooped so well in their life.  “Yeah”, you say.  “Um, thanks for sharing,” as you back away, thinking you never need to know about Sheri’s bathroom habits again.  But it gets you thinking...should I do a cleanse? Granted you’ve been hitting the chocolate a little hard this month and though you eat kale and cabbage you could always eat more, right?  So maybe.  Maybe you should just suck it up and DO IT.  Buy the juicer, snag a VitaMix and become a juicing, blending, dehydrating cleansing queen.   Yet there’s something inside you that’s holding back and so you go round and round in your brain.  Should I, shouldn’t I, yes, there possibly a halfway option??

As you know I’m no stranger to cleanses.  In fact, last year I ran my Spring Delicious Detox and Freakin’ Rad Fall Cleanse to wild fanfare and brilliant results, so I’m obviously a proponent.  However when it comes to doing a cleanse, detox or any sort of major, cold-turkey overhaul of your eating habits I think it’s incredibly important to ask a single question...WHY?

Why do you want to detox?

What is it about a cleanse you are hoping to receive?

Are you wishing for weight loss or to feel more energized?

Do you secretly pray a detox will magically give you Madonna arms, Jennifer Aniston legs, and a JLo butt that just won’t quit?

These are all good questions to ask before hopping on any new food bandwagon because you must be clear and honest with your intentions.

So, are you holding yourself to unreasonable expectations?  

Another thing to consider when doing an inside cleaning thang is your mental and emotional headspace.  Meaning, have you been feeling overwhelmed?  Does your rigid daily routine make you want to break out the wine come 5 pm? Does your day-in, day-out “should do” list weight you down?

Let’s say you’ve been feeling really restricted with work.  Your schedule is packed, you rush from one thing to the next and feel like there’s absolutely no wiggle room to change it up or even catch your breath.  You imagine having more freedom in your day but because that seems like a crazy pipe-dream, you find freedom in the only way you know how...Chinese takeout and Chardonnay.

Now imagine if you threw yourself into a restrictive cleanse.  Granted you wouldn’t be eating the Chinese food anymore which might feel good, but you wouldn’t have changed the experience of feeling restricted and tight.  In fact with your regimented eating and food do’s and don’ts, you may feel even more bogged down and restrained than you did before.  At least before you knew you could have chocolate and cheese when you needed it, right?

This is where I see people crash and burn on cleanses.  They choose programs that never take into account how they are currently feeling in their lives.  They choose programs that reinstate the already restricted routines they’ve endured for years.

They think more restriction is the way to feel lighter and free, which is like saying the best way to lose weight is to park yourself in front of an all-you-can-eat buffet. TWEET THIS.

In every cleanse or detox I lead, I make sure that at the same time we take out toxic foods we are filling that space with delicious alternatives as well as nourishing life experiences.  My detoxers eat amazing food (no powders or juices permitted) and dance their way through each day.  A cleanse or detox should never be about deprivation or willpower but rather finding your way towards feeling light, free and unburdened in your body.  Can I get an AMEN?!?

So here’s the deal.  Here’s the real answer to your burning question of, “Should I do a cleanse or just drink wine?”  The answer is YES.  To BOTH.

I say YES, do a detox if you can do it in a way that does not further restrict, restrain or otherwise amp your already regimented routine.  Yes, there are foods you avoid on a detox but a well led one will make you feel clear and vibrant without struggle or ever missing your afternoon sweet treat.

YES, drink wine.  Enjoy, live life, let go.  Yet I do ask that you drink it in a certain way.  Make sure you are imbibing to heighten an already wonderful experience and not pouring a glass to numb out to your crazy, overwhelming day.  If you are using wine as an anesthetic, check in.  Reconnect with yourself and ask, “What is the feeling I’m really craving?  What do I really need in this moment?”

So, remember this.  Spring is a time of renewal.  A chance for regrowth and as I like to see it, resetting.  How do you want to reset this Spring?

I've been getting lots of requests to run my Delicious Detox again this Spring and I'm certainly considering it. The Delicious Detox is a 10 day, food-based detox program with recipes, menus, informational calls and daily in-box inspiration to get you feeling connected to your core and aligned with your lovely lady body.

If you are interested and want join me, email me HERE.  The Delicious Detox is an amazing opportunity to do what Spring is for.  To reassess, reset and realign with how you want to feel and who you want to be.  This is the opposite of a restrictive cleanse so if you are looking for more rigidity, this is not for you.

However if you know you’ve been out of whack with your eating and want to take some time just for YOU this Spring, I welcome you with open arms, tasty food and snazzy dance moves.

My biggest love and cheers to Spring!



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