The detox is ON. Are you in?

After last week's post my inbox was flooded, more like busting at the seams, with people thanking me for hitting on the detox topic.  At a time of year when everyone jumps on a new diet or juice fast, it can be difficult to know what to do.  We lose our internal compass and get caught up in the stream of shoulds, musts and promises of getting antioxidant pumped and primed for everlasting health. Instead of asking yourself, "Should I change my diet, cut the caffeine, or sequester the sugar?" the real question to ask is, "How do I want to feel in my body?  What sensations do I want to experience when I wake up in the morning?  What would it be like to have feeling good about ME be easy and normal?"

These are the questions we ask and answer in the Delicious Detox.   After countless inquiries about the program I've decided to run it again, for one last time.  That's right.  With so many new projects in the JamieLiving hopper (get excited) this will be the last year I run the Delicious Detox.  So it's time to get on it!  I've also decided to keep the detox small and am only sharing the program with my JamieLiving community.  Meaning the women who participate will get lots of sweet Jamie time during our LIVE Q&A calls and on our private Facebook page.  As my one-on-one practice has filled and my group programs have gotten larger, this is a rare opportunity to receive support and coaching in a small, select group.

This is not a detox of pills or powders.  I'm all about the real food and within the 10 days, you get to eat LOTS of it. Together we take out sugar, caffeine, gluten, processed soy and dairy which open up your plate and palate and a slew of amazing alternatives.  (Including dates stuffed with almond butter.  Heaven!)

The detox start May 13th and ends May 23rd.

OK, I'm stoked!  Are you in?

Of course I would love to have you join me for the final Delicious Detox go round.  With 10 days of unbelievable recipes, menus, information-packed calls and LIVE support, it's an opportunity that promises to be something closer to a delicious dance party than a detox. SO how do you know if this is right for you?  Simple.  There is no need to hem or ha or go round and round with the "should I" or "shouldn't I."  Right now take a big deep breath and ask yourself, "How am I feeling in my body?  Do I currently feel how I want to feel?  Am I eating for nourishment or am I numbing out with nuts?  Have I been honoring myself or throwing myself under the bus?"

In getting clear on these questions, you will know if the Delicious Detox is what you deserve.  All I ask is that you give yourself permission to say YES to you.  If your true desire this May is to eat nutella with a spoon, go for it my sweet sista'.  And if your true desire is to feel light, grounded, energized, secure, fully present in your body and eating more amazing food than you ever have before, then the Delicious Detox might be exacting what you're craving.

To get all the details and snag your spot our final Delicious Detox adventure click here.

Biggest love and here's to you saying YES to you!


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