Our favorite numbing agents

We use them daily to ignore what matters most. Shopping lists. Shopping sprees. Pinterest. Strapping men who compliment your eyes then never call.  Red wine and reruns.

We fill our lives with things to do and people to be.  With should lists, should dos, must dos and have tos that run us ragged and keep us from who we really are.  Who we are at the core, the nugget within us that is all at once small and giant.   So giant in fact that to let her out, let her be all she is, might be too much for us to handle.

And so we obsess and worry and decide our stomach isn’t flat enough, our thighs not slender enough and our asses are too big to pull up a chair to the life we want.

These are all guises.  Numbing agents, keeping us separate from our soul.  Keeping us from facing all that we want because what really matters sends shivers up our spine.

Because honestly, who would we be if we were happy?  If there was nothing to complain about, no body to berate, no reoccurring obsessive thoughts?

Life might be calm.

Our hearts content.

Our desires might have an open path to come to fruition.  And everything we want might  actually happen.

And that’s terrifying.  Real.  Thrilling.  And true.

Don’t let the numbing become the graying backsplash of your life.  Feel in.  Say no to the numbing and dodging of what makes you YOU.  No one else can bring it.  Tweet it!

Lead by example and, in this moment, step in.

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