Unveil the piece of you that has been asking for light.

Simply put.... Feel into it.  Feel it all.  Feel it out.  Feel it zing through you from head to toe.  

Step in and feel the rise.  Feel the fear.  Know that you can walk through fire, ablaze, and be cleansed by the flame.  

Learn.  Stretch out your arms to what you already know.  Be open to what your heart has been singing all along.  Sense and embrace the song of your soul.  

Unravel.  Unearth.  Unveil the piece of you that has been asking for light.  For only in the excavation is their freedom and peace. Tweet it! 

This is scary ass shit and you can do it.  There are people around who will catch you if you fall.  Or maybe you will catch yourself.  

Listen to the soul stirring of what’s inside.  She doesn’t lie.  She can’t.  She is the core of you, your guiding light who only knows the truth.  You can do this.  You have the courage to see it and feel it all.  Dip your toe in.  The water’s hot.  Don’t worry.  It cools in time.

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