Butter versus vegan “buttery” spread...Go for the real thing.

A prayer:  May we stop filling our lives with broken food and broken thoughts.

Being real brings us back to that place where, at birth, we were sure of ourselves.  Not sure exactly who we were but clear in the knowing that we were real...here...and had a right to both.

Yet we drink diet soda and try to be real women.  We lose weight to look youthful yet desperately want to be wise ones. We use over-packed schedules and too-full tummies to avoid sitting in the realness of our legs, our stomachs, our thighs. We drink lowfat milk.  We eat lite yogurt.   We cut corners and wonder why we don’t feel complete.  How can we be complete when our food has no substance? The unnaturalness of our food reflects back to us the unnaturalness in hiding behind broken things that keep us busy “fixing”, not being.

No more egg whites and "egg beaters".  Have a full egg for goodness sake.  The egg and the yoke are meant to be eaten together.  That’s how they are made.  By design.

To ponder:  Have you become an egg-white omelette?  Are you leaving the richest, most vitamin-laden, golden part of yourself out of the dish of your life?

To discard your richness is to live a thin, tasteless slice of life.  You become shaky, uncertain and questioning.  And when you hide away your realness, you fall back on broken foods, broken thoughts and hearsay to show you the way.

Moral of the story: Cut the fake food and the vegan “buttery” spread.  Say yes to organic butter and golden egg yolks. Bring out that woman who fully inhabits her body and unapologetically enjoys the realness around her and within her self.

Bring out the woman who goes full-fat because she knows it’s not broken, goes full-in because she’s ready to change, plays full-out because otherwise, she might as well just eat a soulless 100 calories snack bag and call it a day.

So what I want to know is, can you let go of the fake and step into the real?

Starting July 22 there are 2 open spots in my private coaching practice. If you are ready to get real, eager to let go of the rigid, suffocating slice of life that stopped tasting good a LONG time ago, it is time to talk.

Imagine: Who would you be without the people-pleasing, half-smile that hides what you really want, who you really are? How rich would life be? How understood and at ease would you feel?

This is your chance to tap into the realness within you. If you have ever thought, “this is not who I am” or “I don’t want to feel this way in my life”, your realness is ripening. Click here to get your spot.

Remember, stepping into your realness is not an indulgence, it’s a right. TWEET THIS.

Biggest love and here’s to YOU. Ripe. Ready. Real.


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