Go from crazy to calm in 10 minutes.

As you know,

My clients are busy, mission-driven women.  They work, cook, mother, wife, shop, exercise, compromise, clean-up, create, sacrifice, rarely sit down, etc. etc.  You get the point.  My women MOVE.  And in the midst of all their hustle and bustle they often get the feeling they should, probably, slow down.

Maybe even...meditate.  Key word here, “should”.  They know they should but don’t for two primary reasons: time and difficulty.  They wonder, “With so much to do in a day, where the hell do I squeeze in meditating?”  The next thought that follows is, “It’s really hard and I’m SO bad at it. I tried once and couldn’t stop thinking.  I’m obviously not the mediating type.”   Believing you should know how to meditate perfectly without a single distracting thought is like thinking you are ready to be a surgeon after catching an ER rerun on TBS.  Not so much.

Meditation is not anything you master.  Ever.  The best meditation teachers will tell you we are all beginners at some level, no matter how long our tushies have been on the cushion.  In fact, the longer we meditate the more we learn, making us perpetual students, never masters.

So let it be known now, you do not have to be good at, let alone perfect at meditation.  This is not an arena where perfection is permitted.

OK, back to my crazy-busy clients.  They also love to believe meditating has to be done alone, in silence, for a very long time.  (Another reason why they avoid it.)  Again, not so much.  I find the best way to chill a chatter-box mind is to be guided through it.  Guided meditation gives you something to focus on, which makes you less likely to entertain the belief you are doing it wrong which delivers you to the decisive thought of, “Forget this.  I’ve got sh*t to do!”

So where do you start if you are a busy bee who knows she’s got to chill and has no idea how? 

Right here.  One of my favorite meditation and spiritual teachers, Tara Brach, has a very simply, very quick guided meditation that gets you grounded in 10 minutes flat.  We all have 10 minutes in our day.  Get off Facebook right now and you’ve found your 10.  Probably 20, actually.  (Tara’s voice is also pure heaven, which is reason enough to listen.)

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I should meditate but it’s too hard”, “I’m not good at it,” or “It just takes too long,” this is for you.

Click here to listen and tell me, what did you enjoy most about the meditation?  What shifts did you notice?

How did your body feel before and after?

Lots of love and here’s to meditating no matter how crazy life gets,

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