A prayer for you: Let me be a vessel.

A prayer:

Let me be a vessel for the change I want to see.

Let me get out of my own way so I may serve fully.

Let me be a vessel for the voice that needs to come up and out.

Let me be a vessel, not pre-programmed but free flowing.

Let me be a vessel of sight that illuminates the dark corners without judgement or advice.  Presence only.  TWEET THIS.

Let me be a vessel open to current; surge flowing through me.  Careful to avoid anything the ego may stub her toe on.

This is not about me.  It may not even be about you.  It’s about us.  Together.  Shifting and changing toward the embodied understanding we wish for every woman.  Removing the barriers that keep us both “safe” and stuck.

Let me be a vessel.  Allow the intrinsic knowledge gurgling below to rise to the surface.  Expressed in a way that can be absorbed and gets us into the grooves of the soul to clear out the mired muck.

May I be plugged in, centered to the core so as not to be bogged down by painful thoughts, old shame, new judgements.  Plugged in not for my purpose or yours but for THE purpose of insight and experience.

An unwavering, undeniable portal of true vision, passion and space.

Big love,


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