Have a hard time living in the moment? Read this...

Take in this moment. Just...this...one.

Not the one before it. Not the one after it.

Not the future tripping of what’s for dinner, the curve of your belly or what your mother thought you said that you didn’t really mean.

Live in this moment. This exact, precise moment and ask, “ In this moment, how can I craft contentment?”

When we future trip ourselves out of the present moment we don’t remember driving to the grocery store or walking to our next meeting. We strap ourselves to what came before or after this moment. Suddenly life feels incredibly packed and narrow, like a room with too much furniture, because we’ve overcrowded this moment with those from the future and past.

Be in this moment and make it what you want. And when this one passes, move into the next and repeat.

Clarification: Living in the moment doesn’t mean you cannot project or schedule. You are fully allowed to create a long term plan but once that plan is in place, live in each moment that naturally leads to the end goal.

Overwhelm has no place in the NOW. It cannot survive when dialed in to what’s directly infront of you. TWEET THIS.

My client Dana and I work on this often. She, like all of my peeps, feels the need to handle it all, by herself, and stresses hardcore on how to do everything. Last session we decided that for a week, she was not allowed to figure anything out. For 7 days she was to take a break from the constant figuring in her brain. I could see her eyes widen with overwhelm. How was she going to NOT figure things out for an entire week when her brain looks for exit plans, strategies and solutions every 3 seconds?

She said, “I really don’t think I can not figure things out for a week. That seems insane and impossible!” Of course she was already trying to “figure out” how to do this right. I said, “This is not about not figuring things out for 7 days, it’s about letting go and not figuring them out right now, in this moment. And now in this one. And now, in this one too.”

Calm flooded her face and her shoulders eased down from their perch near her ears. Yes, it was impossible for Dana to not figure things out for 7 days but she could absolutely not figure something out in that first moment and then the next to follow. Her body softened at the thought that she didn’t have to master and perfect letting go and then hold onto it for a week. She could let go in this moment. Then perhaps let go in the next.

Letting go in each moment, organically becomes moments in a row, threaded together over time that become an entire week of relaxed shoulders, ease and living in the present.

Moral of the story: Be in this moment. Just this one. Now step into the next. Do not hop, skip or jump to the moment 2 hours ahead of you. One at a time. With ease. And trust.

Big love, Jamie

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