The only 2 things we need for real healing.

Space and time.  All we need is space and time yet we fight them vehemently like a cat tossed into water. We rail and scream and yell with our heads to the sky, “Why aren’t I over this yet!?!”

Our patience is zero when it comes to our own hurt and give no time to get under what we feel.  When we worry about too much sugar or obsess about over eating, we never ask why.  We never question, “What void am I trying to fill by this numbed-out-gnawing on a chicken leg?”  We go straight to, “I can’t believe you did this again.  You know better. What did I say about over doing it at dinner?  Why don’t you listen to me!?!”   With body berating there is no space.  No time.  No inquisitive wondering to get  you under your food to see what’s really going on.

Today, take space.  Rather than jumping all over yourself for a “poor” decision, take a touch of time that will create a bit of soft distance. See WHY you went for the cookie.  Why you snapped at your partner.  Why you said yes to a friend when your body wanted to say no.  Why you chose wine over water.  To understand anything we do there must be tender space.

The tighter we hold on to the belief we need to “Get Over It”  the longer it takes to let it go.

To get over it, you must first get under it.  Tweet this.


Big love,


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