What matters

Distill it down. What matters is how I feel, without apology.

What matters is what’s here, not what should be.

What matters is I’m whole, not a project needing fixing.

What matters are my dents, scrapes, bruises and cracks, not the perfectionism that wants to patch them up.

What matters is I am loved for my present, not my potential.

What matters is I welcome sadness as I do joy, for they are beloved sisters riding shotgun in the car of life.

What matters is I am honest, and admit when I am not.

What matters is I seek to find all of me, good, bad and sometimes ugly.

What matters is I accept all that I am, my only charge in this life.

What matters is I am beyond blessed, and am allowed to want more.

What matters is unwinding my patterns with tenderness, not shame.

What matters is I honor my body the way SHE desires.

What matters is I am as sacred as anything.  TWEET THIS.

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