A New Years Gift to YOU

Let it be said right now...everyone needs a vacation.  It doesn’t have to be long or extravagant but we all need time away to find ourselves again.

I just got back from a week in Mexico which was the first vacation I’ve ever been on. Seriously. The reasons why I’ve never taken myself on vacation is an entirely other blog post but I will say this, I had a very hard time justifying being that good to myself.  Sure I’d get away for weekends and I traveled with family (which is NOT a vacation, by the way) and I’d still be checking my email, answering client calls or thinking about the 15 things I should be doing for JamieLiving.

During my Mexican retreat I didn’t check my email or my phone and I didn’t once think about work. It truly was a Christmas miracle.  I let myself just be me, Jamie, without all those things that I thought defined me.  What I discovered was that it's the downtime, the reflective relaxing that brought me back to myself.  We think the accomplishing and weight loss and exercise and eating right defines who we are.  We think it shows people what really matters to us.  And though those are all reflections of us, our upbringings and societal shaping, they aren’t WHO we are.

When you take yourself out of the hustle bustle, you begin to see yourself exactly as you are. The one who has always been. Tweet this!

You'll reconnect with the true you that’s been hidden under so many layers of supposed-to-be’s. And the miraculous part of vacation is that when you come back, you are re-energized for your life.

Life seems easier, softer.  Suddenly you have more choice in how you want to feel than you did before.  The possibilities of how you want to engage in your day seem numerous, rather than the knee-jerk, “hurry up and get it done” pace you were pushing before you left.

For this New Years, give yourself the gift of a vacation.

Now this doesn't have to be a fancy endeavor. In fact, a vacation is simply something that takes you out of your fast-paced, numbed out, everyday routine.

A vacation could be:

15 minute meditation

Lunch at your favorite spot, ALONE, phone/text/email free

Walking on the beach

Dinner and deep-belly laughs with girlfriends

Waking up without an alarm

weekend getaway

Not checking email for 7 days

Here is what a vacation is NOT:

Throwing a party

Attending a party

Time off work to get shit done around the house

Getting your shopping done

Planning your New Years resolutions

With all the year-end running around, do yourself a favor and plan a vacation. Give yourself 30 minutes or 5 days to breathe, recharge and come back to YOU.  The real you, that only shows up when everything else is quiet and still.

So tell me, what’s your vacation going to be?

One of the coolest things that came to life during my vacation is a project that I’ll be rolling out in January. It’s mission is to help you return to that deeper, calmer, more tenderly connected and loving self within. So don’t worry. If this is a tough task for you, I’ve got you covered.

Biggest love, thank you as ALWAYS for being a part of the JamieLiving community, reading and sharing and I’ll see you in 2014. Have an amazing New Year!


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