Your Charmed Life

I was on the phone with my mother recently, chit chatting as we do almost every day.  We talked about my sister, my father, and as usual, what she had just put in her mouth that she was chomping on in my ear.  As we regaled each other with our insights over the past 24 hours I suddenly said, as if  it were a decree from heaven, “I f*cking love my LIFE!!”  (My mother and I have a very loose policy with language.  The woman’s first word as a child was sh*t so there’s really no where she can go from there.)

Anyhoo, after declaring my love for my existence my mother took a breath and said, “You, my sweet girl, have a very charmed life.”

What??  Me??  A charmed life?  No way.  Sure, I can muster incredible gratitude for what I have but “charmed”, that seemed a little excessive.

We soon got off the phone and I let her words sink in.  Charmed.  Charmed.

There is magic in that word.  Something other-worldly that you can’t control. Out-of-body, almost. And then I began to think about my BIG, bizarrely charmed experiences of the past year:


Selling the house

Finding my apartment

Leasing a car

All of these things could have been an utter disaster.  Yet they weren’t.  Emotionally painful and sometimes soul-wrenching. Yes. But logistically? A breeze.  The divorce was a relatively clean break, the house sold quickly and in one week I found both the perfect apartment and a car I loved (and could afford). These are not typically charmed experiences. In fact, these are some of the most stressful things people go through in a lifetime.

And I did it all.   In one year.  And it was charmed as hell.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  And here’s what I came up with.

I gave it all over to something bigger than myself.  I let go of terror.  I let go of fear.  I completely relinquished control.

I monitored craigslist without panic.  I researched without anxiety.  I completely believed that no matter what, it would all be OK. That any and all outcomes would be OK and even if they weren’t, that would be OK too. I had faith that what I needed would show in whatever form it was meant to and that it would all be a big adventure.

When you turn the hardest things in life into an adventure, an opportunity to learn, how can it not be charmed? Tweet This.

It comes down to perspective.  To faith.  To trust that no matter what, you will be cared for. You will be OK.

Biggest love and here’s to all of our charmed lives,


P.S.  A charmed life starts in a space of love and trust.  If you struggle with trusting yourself, trusting that it will all be OK, it's time for us to talk. I have 2 spots left in my private practice and I’d be honored to show you how truly charmed life can be.

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