If You Are Considering a New Year’s Cleanse, Read This NOW.

Ever notice come January, every third person you meet is doing some sort of cleanse or detox?  Believe me I get it.  In fact for the last 4 years I’ve run my own cleanses and detoxes to great fanfare.

And yet there’s one thing I’ve noticed.  Like with other resolutions, cleanses are often done because you’ve decided in your New Year wisdom that there is something wrong with you.  Perhaps your food has been wrong, your body is wrong, your addiction to sugar is wrong.  Whatever it is, the impetus behind the cleanse is that you’ve gotta change, FAST.  In other words, you’ve decided you are NOT ok as you are.

What a brutal beginning to your year!

January comes and with it washes in heavy hopes that THIS is the year you’ll finally get your shit together.  You’ll finally step into your potential and change into the person you are supposed to be.  The intention set for your year to come becomes: I am not good enough.

And so whether or not the cleanse works, you lose weight, you get the raise, win the race, or finally kick sugar to the curb, the theme of constantly needing to change to be “enough”  is ever present all year long.

I am completely uninterested in feeding into this cycle.

And so this January I’ve decided not to run a cleanse.  And not because I don’t think they are helpful to getting back on track if you feel gross after too many cookies and champagne.

I’m not running a cleanse this year because I am tired of encouraging you to think you need to change to be OK, to think you must be different to be loved.

What if this year your 2014 intention wasn't to change or be better but rather to become deeply connected and comfortable with who's already here? Tweet This!

What if this year you let go of the inevitable disappointment that comes with crazy expectations and you returned to love for yourself?

Now I know this is a wild idea.

Wild and really good.

And so to expand upon this wild idea of liking you exactly as you are, I'm opening up a women's reading circle.

Here are the goods:

6 women and me reading the classic A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.  This book is amazing and laden with the gems you’re looking for in this new year.

We’ll meet as a group for 6 weeks, on a tele-call for 60-90 minutes to share and discuss and I’ll provid pointed coaching on the text for that week.

The cost is $350.

The calls start Thursday, January 23th.  If you want in, simply email me here and tell me why.

As you can see, this is a very small group and I did this on purpose.  I want to dive deep into how to return to love for our bodies and for who we are, as we are.  This kinda growth is best in intimate, safe spaces.

I also want to provide something special to you in the new year and I simply felt another cleanse wouldn’t cut it.

This is the good stuff and honestly, this group is going to be far more cleansing than any green juice could ever be.  To claim your spot, tell me why you want to join here.

Biggest love and here’s to you stepping into love for the YOU that’s already here.



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