Do You Like to Run Your Own Show?

I’ve always been a girl who ran the show. Literally. As a child my sister and I put on plays and I was always the director, getting everyone in place and holding the vision for our grand production.

My grandmother called me bossy and outspoken, but I always preferred to think of myself as a “gal with a plan”.

As I grew up, graduated college and entered the workforce, I realized it wasn’t as easy as it was in childhood to run my own show. Employers had ideas about things. They had their own agendas and shows to run and weren’t so interested in my grand plans.

I always joke that I was the worst employee. I wanted to do my own thing and anything else, in my 24 year old brain, wasn’t worth the effort. I always did my work and delivered on time, but never with verve. Never with the passion I was capable of and I knew it, and that ate me up inside.

When the light finally went off in my brain and I went back to school for holistic nutrition and then opened my own business, everything changed. I was pumped to be my own boss, to do exactly what I wanted to do and employ my creative ideas at my chosen pace.

The only problem was I was a brilliant food and body coach without any idea how to build a business. I had lots of ideas but no methodology to test them and see if I was going down the right path. I struggled for 4 years, knowing I could never work for anyone else, yet totally unsure how I was going to turn my business into the impactful life-changing force I dreamt of.

Enter Marie Forleo.

Now, I am not a guru kind of girl. I can be a terrible student because I don’t like to look to other people for answers. I can find the answers I need on my own, damn it. In fact, I knew about Marie Forleo for years before I ever started watching her stuff because I thought, “What does this woman know that I don’t?”

Turns out, a lot.

Marie’s free training program completely changed how I think and work every day in my business. Check out the program HERE. She only opens it once a year and I’m honored to be able to share it with you.  Again, it’s free so just do it.

Biggest love and here’s to running your own show!


P.S. Even if you aren’t a biz owner, Marie has some invaluable insights that can easily be brought into your office or organization. Check it out HERE.

P.S.S. Know other people who like to run their own show? Then share this post with them here.

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