The Pledge of the Willing

I'm willing to fear, and still move forward. Willing to laugh.

I’m willing to cry for everything, and nothing at all.

Willing to say yes, and no, when needed.

I’m willing to go with my gut rather than my guilt.

Willing to examine and get curious.

Willing to dance with ardor and abandon.

Willing to ask. Willing to tell.

I’m willing to hold my body.

Willing to dive in.

Willing to let it wash away and willing to start again.

I’m willing to trust.

Willing to rethink.

Willing to take a moment.

Willing to recover.

Willing to feel it all.

I’m willing, yes finally willing, to acknowledge + integrate the many pieces of me. (Click to Tweet!)

With all my love,


P.S. If you too are willing to dig deep, so am I. I’ve got 3 open spots in my private practice to dive into the above and so much more. If your heart jumped reading this post because you feel both willing and unsure where to start, I’ve got you. There’s so much to share and no waiting on the willing. Let’s go.

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