The MAJOR Problem with Wishing for Your 20-Year-Old Body

There are actually a few problems with wishing for your 20-year-old body, but let’s start with the most obvious.

You are making yourself feel like sh*t for no reason. Here’s why:

You can never go back there. Ever. You can never go back to that body because to do so would mean you’d also have to regress to the emotional state of your 20-year-old self.

Oh, you thought you’d just take your 20-year-old body and leave the rest? Nope, not how it works.

Each body comes with its own emotional counterpart. Imagine physical bodies and emotional bodies. Your pre-college body, post-college body, your swinging single body, pre-wedding body, your post baby body, your divorce body. Each have their own emotional body that represents how you felt at the time in that particular physical body. Our emotional state is mirrored in our physical state and vice versa SO, we simply can’t mix and match.

Fantacizing about thighs and tummies of yester-year is to negate all that you’ve learned over the years to now be where you are. You’ve grown. You’ve changed. Your heart’s been broken. Jobs have been won and lost. You’ve been married. Had babies. Been promoted. Been divorced. You’ve fumbled, faltered and risen again.

Your 20-year-old body can’t touch the courage and strength of your NOW body. (Click to Tweet!)

So what is it you really want when you covet you 20-year-old body?

Tighter skin, smaller thighs, less wrinkles, a flatter stomach, perhaps?

When you were in your younger body, did you appreciate your youth?

Did your 20-year-old emotional self feel secure in her 20-year-old skin? Did she adore herself and think she was the hottest thing in town? Probably not. In fact, she probably had many of the same struggles you’re grappling with now.

Why? Because no matter how badly we want to change how we feel about our body, it often doesn't happen until we address it head on. Which is why I created the Coming Home Project starting on June 10. Together we will look at what we think about our bodies, why we yearn for them to be different, how to get our emotional body to support our physical one, and lay the groundwork to feel at home in the bodies we have (rather than pining for ones of the past or future).

Whether you decide to join the Coming Home Project or not, do this for me. Settle into the skin you’re in, right now. To hold tight to your 20-year-old self’s standard of beauty is to make you a prisoner of the past.

Let yourself imagine how good you could feel in this body. Let yourself hold, caress and adore this body just like you would if magically given the 20-year-old version of it. Your current body is JUST as deserving of love and attention as its younger counterpart. More so perhaps for she has lived and learned in a way your younger body can’t even imagine.

Let yourself step into the BODY that’s here.

XO, JamieGreenwood


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