Your July 4th Menu, All Planned Out

First off, I want to thank everyone who emailed me last week about what would feel like a miracle.  The answers were thoughtful, tender, hopeful and spoke to what’s most real for you all right now.  Thank you.

If you didn’t have a chance to respond, simply click reply and tell me what would feel like a miracle to you, because, I still want to know!

OK, onto your July 4th menu.

BBQs are pretty self explanatory, right?

You go with either grilled chicken, burgers or sausages, which is standard fare and honestly, exactly what we all want at a BBQ.

Where it sometimes gets tricky though is getting all the other dishes together.  Of course we could go traditional with macaroni salad and baked beans but I prefer to think outside of the “sides” box.

Below are my favorite July 4th recipes that have you covered from appetizer to dessert.   They’re all fantastic but if I had to choose the one, (ok two), that are always crowd pleasers, I’d go with the Muhammara and the Arugula Salad.  So good!

Appetizer:  Muhammara with pita chips and fresh veggies

Salad:  Arugula and Cabbage salad with parmesan lemon dressing

Side dishes:  Bean salad with sundried tomatoes and Dijon vinagarette and Farro with Roasted Onions

Dessert-  Thyme Scented Peach Crisp with Vanilla bean ice cream

So fire up the grill, slap on some sunscreen, enjoy yourself and revel in the beautiful long weekend.  I know I will.

Want to share this menu with your friends?  Simply click here.

Lots of love and happy July 4th,


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