I still want to lose 5 pounds

Did I really just say that?  Yes, I did.  So here’s what happened.

Last winter I got really sick.  Like I-can’t-remember-what-it’s-like-to-feel-healthy sick.  I tried not to get pissed (which is what usually happens when I get sick), but rather see my stuffy nose and pounding head as a sign that I needed to slow down and DO NOTHING.

OK.  Got it.  Message received.

While slightly dazing and burning up, I decided make a list of all the gifts that were hidden in my 102 fever.

More rest.

Time to read.

Long baths.

Watching The Mindy Project.

No appetite.

Losing 5 pounds.

Wait, WTF??  Where did that come from?  Did I really just twist my illness into a weight loss strategy?

Holy goodness.

I was shocked, confused and most importantly, disappointed.  Every day I guide women to value themselves over the number on the scale and here I was, breaking my own cardinal rule.

I took a long, slow breath and decided to check in rather than entertain my disappointment any further.  Here’s what came up:

Yes, I am passed that old story of “I want to lose 5 pounds” AND just because it no longer invades my daily thoughts doesn’t mean it won’t visit once in a while.

Old habits die hard.

The difference is I now know what to do with body image thoughts when they come up.

The old Jamie would’ve been thrilled to effortlessly lose 5 pounds, then for fear of gaining it back, would’ve flipped out and frantically created a plan to keep the weight off.  Now, I no longer believe everything I think.  I’ve learned how to turn myself into a third party observer and recognize the nasty thoughts my mind spits out without allowing them to rule how I feel about my body.

I now step back and say, “Isn’t that curious. I thought you weight-worrying thoughts were gone, and now here you are.  I’m actually glad you showed up because I needed a reminder of how far I’ve come.”

Voila.  Disaster averted.

Ok, now it’s your turn.

Over the next week, notice if any stressful body thoughts arise that you thought you’d kicked to the curb long ago.  Now watch your response.

Do you take the thought as fact?  As truth?  Or can you let yourself become a third party observer and see it strictly as a passing thought, just another blip on the screen of your mind, as benign as navel lint.  See if you can thank the thought for its presence and for reminding you of how far you really have come.

(And if you simply cannot shake the thought that you’ve still got to lose 5 pounds, it’s time for some you + me time.)

Lots of love,


P.S.  Know someone who still wants to lose those 5 pounds?  Send them this.

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