Holy Goodness, my new website is finally HERE!

FINALLY, my new website has arrived.  I’ve been working hard on it since March and truthfully, there were times when I thought it would never be done (or right, or good enough). Tons of love, passion and purpose went into this site. Which brought with it lots of hair-pulling, hand-wringing and tears. Because that’s the way work from the heart goes. It feels both thrilling and gut-wrenching. Freeing and vulnerable. Totally right and absolutely terrifying.

And that’s when you know what you’ve created was channeled straight from your soul.

There's a lot to see, so take a look around and tell me what you think. There’s also awesome information about my new Just F*cking Eat It course, so be sure to click here for all the upcoming details.

Lastly, I wanted to offer something extra special as part of the “Grand Re-Opening” of Jamie Living. I currently have 2 open spots in my private practice for the rest of this year and I’ve decided to tack on an extra month to my 4 month program for FREE.

Yes, that means 5 months of coaching (10 sessions) for the price of 4.

I know many of you have wanted to coach privately with me but never felt like it was the right time. With this FREE extra month of coaching as we approach the holiday season, now may be the exact time you were waiting for. If you want to get one of these spots, email me HERE. With Thanksgiving right around the corner (and all internal eating DO’s and DON’Ts come along with it), I know these two spots will go fast.

Lots of love and thank you for your endless support.  Truly, there was no way I could’ve created this new site without having YOU as inspiration to keep me going and deliver it to.

I hope you like it!




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