The biggest lesson I learned from eating pizza and gelato, DAILY.

It never ceases to amaze me what unplugging from your life does for the soul.  A few weeks ago I arrived home from 15 days in Tuscany. For 2 full weeks I ate a steady stream of pizza, pasta and gelato, drank wine at lunch and dinner and slept in until 8 am every morning.  A few years ago I would’ve called that indulgent. In fact, a few years ago I would’ve never gone, telling myself I didn’t have the time or the money and that I didn’t deserve it. I would have also been anxious about getting fat, and then doubly anxious about how I was going to both keep up my exercise AND say no to all the good food.

I’ve talked in the past about the many ways we say NO to ourselves and how controlling our food only serves to feed our worry and disconnect us from ourselves.

A few years ago I would’ve never let myself eat like I did on this trip. I would have monitored my food closely, choosing wilted salads over handcrafted pizza, only letting myself have a bite of pasta here, a taste of gelato there. I would’ve scoured the Tuscan countryside for kale (believing my body would fall apart without it), and packed a pair of my tightest jeans to try on every few days to make sure I wasn’t slowly enlarging.

It’s amazing what we do to ourselves in the name of “health”, isn’t it?

Of course at the time I also would’ve justified my controlling eating habits by calling them “self care”. “Gluten and sugar are bad for me,” I’d say. “And it’s important to keep up my exercise to stay fit,” I’d tell myself.  Yet, when I’m being honest, the reason for doing all those things would’ve been because I was afraid to trust my body. I would have been terrified to start on the pizza, pasta, parmesan, prosciutto train for fear I’d never get off and would have to roll myself off the plane as a fat, sad, lonely coach with no self control and disappointed clients.

So here’s the truth. Yes, I ate every little morsel Italy had to offer. Yes, I ate past the point of fullness on more than one occasion. And yes, my pants are currently tight.  And it’s OK.


Because I wasn’t eating to stuff my feelings. I didn’t double fist gelato and deep-fried pizza dough because I told myself this was my only chance to go hog wild and live it up. I also didn’t restrict myself and ignore my pleasure with the intention of “staying healthy while on vacation.”

And here’s the most exciting part of this whole thing: I don’t feel guilty or driven to lose the weight and get back to “being healthy.” As I see it, I never stopped being healthy, no matter what I was putting into my mouth. Tweet this

So tell me, how often has your “healthy” eating kept you from experiencing joy? Have you ever come home from vacation a few pounds heavier and decided to hit the gym HARD and cut out sugar to make up for all your eating indulgences?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about the myths of healthy eating and how they actually make us feel like sh*t and hinder the peace we seek. I’ll also tell you more about my new course, Just F*cking Eat It, that’s coming out in late October.

In the meantime, know this: we all want to be healthy. We all want to live as long as possible and part of enjoying our long life is eating without fear and trusting our body.

Lots of love,


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