WHY I’m using f*cking profanity in my new course

The name of my current course came to me in a flash. I’d been writing curriculum for what was going to be a new program to help health-conscious women unhinge from the obsession, worry and fear they feel about their food and their bodies. I began to think about these women, in the exact place I was just a few short years ago. I began to mull over their anxiety about what and how much to eat at parties, how they feel both proud and resentful always ordering salad or fish when sometimes they really want the pasta and how exhausting it all is trying to exercise and eat perfectly so as not to gain an ounce. I thought of their hidden struggle, the incessant food monitoring and most poignantly, their exhaustion in battling every bite. “They need to just f*cking eating it!,” I exclaimed.  And there the title was, having just fallen from my mouth.

Of course I could have named the class, “Just Eat It” but somehow that felt lackluster. Tweet this. In thinking about it for a good 2 months I discovered that the word “f*cking” held all the exasperation and frustration we experience when eating from strict guidelines. It also, surprisingly, held all the relief experienced as we let go and allow the hardened rules around our food and body to soften.

So for those of you offended by the profanity and see it as unprofessional, I get it. Truly, I do. And I hope in my explaining the course’s name you see that this is a much needed statement against the war being waged within ourselves and between our food and our bodies. We must take a strong stand for this is a fight happening on many fronts. And as I see it, nothing makes you look tougher than a good ole’ fashioned F-BOMB ;-)

All of my love,


P.S. If you’re good at taking a stand for everyone else in your life except YOU, your time has come. Join us for JFEI and learn how to listen to yourself and trust you body to finally make eating easy.

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