What do you like?

The new year is upon us and I’m sure you’re already thinking about your goals and intentions for the next 365 days. (And if you’re not, you probably think you should be.) In pondering the year ahead, it’s sometimes hard to know WHAT to bring into our lives when we’re afraid to ask ourselves one simple question: “What do I like?”

We minimize our likes, making them “unimportant” next to the larger themes (career, parenting, romance, wellness) that loom in our lives. We push them asides, believing they’re either indulgent, that we don’t have time for them OR that others' likes take precedence.

Here’s why our likes are desperately needed: They feed our joy. They reveal our preferences, unearth our curiosities and act like little pieces of our soul that connect us to those seeking to know us better.

We all need access to our likes, to those little bits of our soulful selves. And if you need inspiration to remember what those are, read this.

In the meantime, here’s a list of what’s currently on my LIKE list:

This song by a devastatingly talented young Irishman. This dish of apple-cider braised squash. Holy geez it’s tasty. This soft, moody tone by a brilliant 21 year old songstress. This bit by Louis C.K. He kills me every time. This show. My mother and I have been averaging 2 episodes a night.

All of my love and have a wonderful, safe new year busting at the seams with everything YOU like.



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