Are you avoiding an uncomfortable conversation?

In my little Jamie world I’m famous for a few things: my big hair, my big mouth, and my uncanny ability to make everyone say, “OMG, what’s in this?!?” after eating one of my salads. I’m also famous for gathering together groups of women who have never met before, whether it’s for a dinner party or birthday, and creating an intimate circle that goes beyond small talk. A gathering where we share about our dreams, our hopes, our loves, and our fears. Where we talk about relationships, spirituality, dating, and our career aspirations. These evenings, surrounded by women sharing what’s most real for them, are the moments that highlight my life.

And I want to invite you to join us.

My new Connection Call Series is my way of bringing you into this intimate circle, no matter where you are. It’s a salon-style gathering where women come together every month to talk about a specific topic. And your job? To take away exactly what you need from the call, whether that’s support, being heard, fresh perspective, new friendships, laughter, inspiration for what you’re tackling in your life, or just knowing that you’re not the only one who heads for the wine after a confrontation chat with your mother.

And just like my in-person gatherings, my priority is to keep these calls intimate, where we each have plenty of safe, comfortable space to open and share as we need to.

With that, there are 6 spots for each monthly call and spaces will be given out on a first come first serve basis.

Our first call is on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 12noon PST / 3pm EST and the topic is: How to soften your heart and find your voice for difficult conversations.

Life is full of difficult conversations, isn’t it? You’re not sure how to tell your partner you’re frustrated and feel ignored, you want to call your friend out on cancelling dinner at the last minute, your father picked a fight again or maybe you went on a “meh” date and need the words to let the guy down easy.

We all get backed into a corner with conversations that make us feel like rabid squirrels are in our stomach fighting over the last nut on earth. We worry we’ll hurt someone’s feelings, that they won’t understand or won’t listen to what we have to say.

During this call we’ll talk all about how to get into our bodies to calm our communication concerns and create a soft, open heart to have those difficult talks.

If there’s a conversation you’ve been avoiding that you know you need to have, join us.

2 things to know: Though there are only 6 spots per call, everyone who signs up will receive the recording of it. ALSO, if you don’t get a spot and have a question about the topic, email it to me and I’ll answer it on the call.

I’m over-the-moon excited to invite you into my private circle with these connection calls. We all need a safe forum to share, soften, open our hearts, and gain needed insight and I’m thrilled to now have a space to do just that.

All my love and I cannot wait to hear you on a connection call in the very near future.



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