I love you for the little things

First let me say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you had a lovely December and are easing yourself in the first week of 2015. With my own easing in I’ve been thinking a lot about acknowledgment and appreciation; when we like to give it and when we tend to deny it.

Ever notice that we only ever praise ourselves for the “big things”? The raise, that new project, the finished marathon all receive accolades and the little things, the genuine effort we put in every day to try and live our best lives, goes wholly unnoticed.

Until today.

I wrote a poem for you as a hug of appreciation for all that you do.

First read the poem below as if I’m speaking to you. Because, well, I am ;-)

Then read it again as if you’re speaking to yourself.

Let this be a reminder that you deserve kudos for all things. The long hours you put in. The carrots you chop. The kind words you share. The coffee you make. The effort you give. Big things. Small things. And everything in between.


I love you for the little things.

For brushing your teeth, making sure that each tooth get its proper rub down.

I love you for cleaning the litter box, even when the cat has been a sh*t.

For waking up when the baby cries no matter how tired, overwhelmed or strapped for sleep you are.

I love you for taking the time to eat, to feed the body that takes you through each moment of every day.

I love you for dealing with difficult people. You don’t have to be understanding, compassionate or kind. And you are. I appreciate that.

I love you for waking up every morning to do your work in the world; ready to meet the day with all that it has in store.

I love you for moving your body, for breathing in what’s needed, sweating out what’s not.

I love you for drinking tea.

I love you for opening your heart to the things that scare you.

I love you for dancing in the living room and for cuddling up on the couch.

I love you for all the effort you put in that you don’t even see.

I love you for the little things, for together, they make up a mighty big thing.



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