[VIDEO] Does something in your life just feel OFF?

I’ve been thinking a lot about when we know it’s time to drop our defenses, cut the “I’ve got this handled” crap and just get help. Some of my clients wait until (and this a direct quote), “Shit’s ON FIRE!”

That makes sense. In fact, with our fast-paced lives often the only things that can get us to seek support are giant life conflagrations like illness, divorce, career, weight gain, parenthood and other major life transitions.

And yet, life doesn’t have to be aflame to know something’s not right. Other clients come to me with the sense that something’s just off but they can’t put their finger on it. And it’s easy to ignore that off feeling when otherwise “life is good”. So what if you’re self-conscious when your partner runs his hands along your belly. So what if you’re feeling suffocated by your Paleo diet and are too afraid to eat what you want. Does it really matter that you’re running yourself into the ground at work for the sake of praise and accolades? Who cares if everything in your body is screaming, “I can’t keep saying “everything’s fine” with a saccharine smile. I can’t live this way anymore.” It’s not that bad. Other people have it so much worse, right?

So, how do we know when it's time to get help? How do we know what kind of help to get?

What’s the best action to take when life is either “ON FIRE” or just not feeling right?

In the short (7 minute) video below I answer these questions along with, “What does a coach actually do?”, “What’s the difference between coaching and therapy” and “How do I know I need a coach?”


If you find yourself inspired to address what’s on fire or what feels off in your life, I’d love to talk. You + me for a FREE 20 minute consultation. Simply email me and we’ll get you on the calendar. (I haven’t offered free consults in years so move your ego and fear out of the way and take me up on it.)

I also have 3 open spots in my private practice and during our conversation we’ll discuss if one of them is meant to be yours.

Here’s the deal. If things are OFF for you, if there are fires in your life that are burning you alive, I want you to be really freakin’ brave and get support, whether it’s from me or someone else.

Our collective belief that strength means doing it alone only fans the flames of our struggle and isolation.

Everything in my life changed when, at 31, I got out of my own way, dropped the defense, opened my heart, and reached out. Had I known what kind of relief lay on the other side I would have done it sooner. (OK, probably not. I was really stubborn ;-)

Admitting my humanity (rather than clinging to superwoman status), sharing my feelings and opening my heart to the wisdom of others has been my greatest source of growth yet.

I hope that you let yourself experience the same. It’s astounding.

All of my love and I look forward to talking soon,


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