Wondering what the heck I’ve been up to lately? Have a peek…

This year I’m starting things off differently. Softly. Joyously. Which is quite a shift from years past. I’ve always been a driven person but with each January came a wave of fire to “get sh*t done” and make this year “the greatest!" (whatever that means). The energy was intense at best, debilitating at worst. My frantic doing fed my ego which felt good on one level because isn’t driven what we’re all supposed to be? Take no prisoners, full speed ahead, change the world and all that important stuff?

And yet my body was never keen on this aggressive platform. With the “MAKE IT HAPPEN” energy came anxiety and queasiness. Frazzled nerves and low back pain. Competition and endless self doubt. All ignored for the “greater good” of production and believing that what I put out into the world meant I was good, worthy, loved and finally OK.

Here’s the deal. I now know I’m good, worthy, loved and OK without producing. I’m loveable the moment I wake up in the morning, before I’ve DONE anything, including brush my teeth.

And so are you.

This year I’m letting joy seep into the connective tissue of my work, my relationships, my writing, my soul, my…..everything.

And one of my biggest sources of joy is serving you to the fullest and loving you up so well you can barely see straight.

I’ve been listening closely, for years in fact, and the #1 request you’ve shared with me is for more REAL connection. The kind of connection that feels like a soul injection, like you're being lit up with goodness from the inside.

We’re socially connected but not soully connected. 



And so this year I’m creating a number of events to support greater connection in your life. I’m talking about joyful connection to your body, your voice, to what you know to be deeply true and, importantly, to others as a reminder that you are not alone. Ever.

My intention is for us, you and me, to have more actual contact, whether that’s through my upcoming call series or live events. I also want to bring you into a circle of like-minded, tender, funny, brilliant women who are ready to trust their bodies and experience life in a more aligned, expressed, honest, and joyous way.

Here’s more info on what you can expect from me in 2015:

  • FREE monthly Connection calls: Think of these calls like the girl time you’ve been craving, where you can let it all hang out. My women are private people, “non-joiners” I like to call them, so these calls are your opportunity to come out of hiding a bit, to show up exactly as you are and get immediate clarity and perspective on what’s up for you. More details and your chance to sign up next week.
  • LIVE workshops: These workshops are the in-person version of our connection calls, feeding our craving to be a room with other “non-joiner”, open-hearted women to laugh, share, dig deep, truth tell, soften, connect, release and dance our asses off without a single computer in the room. A total soul injection.
  • Lastly, you can look forward to me hitting your inbox every other week or so with new insights, helpful surprises, inspiring poetry and, you guessed it, the most awesome music to get you feeling connected to your body, your truth and yourself.

In fact, here's the Just F*cking Eat It playlist to get you started.

SO that's some of the goodness you can look forward to from me in this year of real connection.

Now tell me, how do you plan to bring more connection into your life in 2015? What’s been percolating in your heart that needs to be let out? Shoot me an email and tell me because I want to know.

All my love and I cannot wait to serve, support and connect with you this coming year. It's going to be a good one.



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