What if we don’t have to fix it?

There are times when life feels like we’re on the batting end of an automatic ball launcher and we’re compelled to want to fix both what’s wrong and our feelings about it. The stressful move.

The flared temper.

The break-up.

The diagnosis.

The fear….

We struggle.

We fight.

We claw and grip looking for the information we hope will save us. Anything to make things better.

What if, rather than trying to change the circumstance, all it needed was space?

What if we were to give our uncomfortable experience room to breathe, to let it be OK rather than making it something requiring a quick remedy?

What if there were nothing wrong here?

What if we don’t have to fix anything? Tweet this.

Life is wonderful. And messy as hell.

Next time you try to fix it, handle it or bend it to your will...

Give it space.

Give it time.

Let it be OK.

Breathe it in and let whatever feeling or experience that shows up, be here.

Just as it is.

We have a choice.

We can either make every day a fight or take a breath and find some flow.

What will you choose today?

XO, JamieGreenwood

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