How expressed can you be?

“Jamie, it’s not about money,” she said to me, with a knowing look on her face. Rebecca and I were talking about my coaching practice, again, and how nervous I was about building my business.

I was explaining my belief that by killin’ it financially I’d prove to myself that I was successful, not just in business, but in life. That somehow money would act as proof that I was good, capable, worthy, enough.

And then these golden words popped out of her mouth. “What if your focus is not on how many clients you have or how much money you make but rather, how expressed you can be?”


That night I grabbed my journal and wrote “HOW EXPRESSED CAN I BE” at the top of the page.

I sat with the question for a bit then started to write. And write. And write. And in those pages I discovered three things:

  1. Focusing on money jams me up and hold me back
  2. A scarcity mentality cuts off my creativity
  3. When I lead from expression my soul is fed, my trust grows and my fears melt

That conversation was over two years ago and to this day, whenever I feel scarcity creeping in or begin to grip my business too tight, I ask myself, “HOW EXPRESSED CAN I BE?”

In fact, it was this question that led to the creation Just F*cking Journal. I was eager for a new project, knew I wanted to create a fun, engaging class and was completely stuck on what to create.

As I, again, journaled on the question “How expressed can I be” I realized that where I felt most expressed was in my journaling and that I wanted to create an opportunity to guide people to the insight, relief and power I’d found (and continue to find) on the page.

I created Just F*cking Journal as an experience to help stretch you to the edge of yourself, to see and explore just how compassionate, real, connected and expressed you truly can be. To flush out what no longer serves and go beyond what you thought was possible to arrive at where your gut always knew you could go.

Just F*cking Journal starts on October 12 and we already have hundreds of eager seekers ready to dive in and reconnect with themselves.

Join us and discover just how expressed you can be.

Lots of love,


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