Do you struggle to stay present and connected during family chaos? If so, join me for this FREE call.

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a little over a month away. I swear to GAWD I thought we were still in April. I really enjoy the holiday season which, sad to say, is a relatively new thing. Granted in my mind I’ve always loved this time of year but truth be told, for a good few decades it was really hard.

I used to whisper to friends before a family visit that I had a 36 hour window with my family. That was the amount of time we could all remain cordial. If I stayed for 48, edges began to fray and we were headed for trouble.

Of course I’d like to blame that trouble on my family being difficult people but the truth is, they’re not difficult. At all, really. They’re humans and, like everyone, have quirks and odd behaviors that drive those closest to them crazy. And also, like most humans, what they want more than anything is connection and love.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to genuinely enjoy my family time more, and so decide to employ the mindfulness techniques I’d recently learned. I booked a week long trip (much longer than 36 hours) and when things started to go sideways, I whipped out the mindfulness.

To my complete surprise, the practices I employed when tempers flared actually cooled things down. It was as if I had a secret mindfulness hose that could wash away tension or disharmony.

What I know is this: No matter how much we adore our families being together can be trying. Tempers run high when moms want everything to be perfect, grandfathers say inappropriate things, and dads freak out about being late for the party. (Or maybe that’s just my family.)

And there are techniques we can use to legitimately makes this time of year really enjoyable. (Techniques other than, say, just drinking more.)

To learn more about how to stay present and connected during family chaos, join me for a FREE call on Friday, October 16, 2015. Together with Arielle Nobile, founder of Legacy Connections Films, we’ll talk about family, the holidays and how to stay engaged no matter what chaos is going down.

Also, everyone who signs up and likes both the JamieLiving Facebook page and Legacy Connections page will be put it he running to win my digital Get Present program. Sweet.

Click here to sign up for the call and I can’t wait to chat then!




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