The best present you can give someone this holiday season.

If you haven’t yet finished up your holiday shopping, this email’s for you. And if you have, well done, AND you’re still going to want to add this present to the pile.

What’s the present?


I know this may sounds simple if not a little boring, but the truth is, rarely do we spontaneously vocalize what we love and appreciate about the people in our lives. And yet most people, above all else (even above jewelry or a set of new speakers), want to be acknowledged, appreciated and accepted, just as they are.

One of my favorite ways to recognize the special people in my life is to play a game called, “I love you because….”

The game goes something like this.

You’re sitting at dinner, in the car, watching a less than interesting movie, when you turn to your love and say, “I love you because…..”, then finish the sentence with one of the things you love most about them. The two of you go back and forth, each taking your turn saying “I love you because” for as many rounds as you want.

This game is also great to play with friends and family. Simply call them up, say hello and then dive into, “You know, I love you because…..”

Those on the receiving end of your adoration are both brilliantly surprised and filled up with the kind of love we only feel when we are seen, recognized, and understood.

So, I have a challenge for you. Between now and New Year’s Day, I invite you to reach out to 10 people in your life and give them 3 reasons why you love them. You can call them, tell them in person, send a letter or shoot them a surprise email.

You can start with “I love you because…” or perhaps “What I love/appreciate/admire/adore about you is….” if that feels more comfortable.

One quick caveat: The goal of the challenge is to choose traits that are unique to the person you’re reaching out to, rather than focus on how that person makes you feel.

For example, consider phrasing your recognition like, “Robin, I love you for how deeply you care about others,” over, “Robin, I love you because you’re wonderful to me.”

That’s it. Holiday shopping, DONE!

Honestly though, seeing a person for who they truly are and reflecting that heart-felt admiration back to them is one of the greatest gifts we can gift another person.

I’d LOVE to know how the “I love you because…” challenge goes so please email me and give me the scoop.

Have a wonderful holiday and know that I love you because you’re open to insight, bravely willing to love and doing the very best job you can.  Well done.



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