You’re getting closer. Closer to what matters. Closer to what feels good without feeling guilty about it. Closer to letting you just be you.

You can judge yourself for how long it’s taken or that there’s farther to go.

Or you can stand back and revel in humbled admiration for how far you’ve come.

The road’s been long and you’ve never given up. Not ever.

Thank yourself for that.

And what you’re understanding again and again is you want to be fully present in this life and share it.

You want to find peace within and hold it.

You want to know your value outside of what you produce and consume and you want to know you’re OK, you’re enough, just as you are.

You’re now touching upon that knowing, and so am I.

When we let ourselves get close in, close up, closer to who we are, we find the grandness that is us.

We are vast. Huge. A wellspring of startling power, beauty, and wisdom.

You’re getting closer to that renewable source of energy and love.

You’re so close. Keep going.


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