Let yourself find lightness today

I’m going to make this short and sweet. We are living in serious times and I’ve been thinking that serious times call for more than just serious people.

These times call for well-rounded people, thoughtful, full-spectrum people who can be serious, fight when necessary and laugh at the ridiculous.

These times call for committed people who can collaborate. Smart people who can crack jokes. Driven people who can let go.

Seriousness alone will not save us in these serious times. We need humor, heart, dance, understanding, laughter, just as much as we need focus and rigor.

And what I know from many of my clients is we’ve all been leaning a little heavy on the serious. Serious about our work, our bodies, our families, our health, serious about the traffic for goodness sake! It’s like we think any lightness is a betrayal to what’s going down in these wild times.

Truth is, the more we can be full-spectrum people, the more we can laugh and dance and play the more capacity we have to face the current challenges that require our serious side.

So today, have some fun.

Watch this.

Dance to this.

Remember this and this.

Let yourself find lightness today, just today and notice how much you needed it and how much more energy you have to take on the seriousness of our times.

Now I’m gonna go dance my ass off to this.

All my love,



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