Important information if you’re a single, professional woman

First, if you’re not a single, professional woman, you are more than welcome to skip this post right now and we’ll be back to our fully inclusive programming next week. And if you are a single professional woman, welcome. This post is for you.

I’m often invited to join online telesummits and rarely do I say yes. Of course I love connecting with people and offering support but honestly, I find most telesummits to be more about selling shit to people rather than sharing important wisdom.

Which is why I’m particularly excited to invite you to a telesummit that I actually said yes to participating in.

It’s called Single and Strong: The Single, Professional Woman’s Guide to Getting What You Want Out of Life.

Finding myself suddenly single after 6 years of marriage was a huge shock to my system. I hadn’t realized how oddly reliant I’d become on my partner and had to learn how to reconnect to myself, my emotions, my fears, even my money, for the new life experience I wanted. AND, with all that, I had no idea where to get support.

I joined this telesummit because this is the exact thing I needed during my reintegration into single life. During this event, 15 experts will come together to support you in reconnecting to yourself and getting exactly what you want out of life - from soul care (that’s me), to career, finances, romance, fulfillment and much more.

So, I know that as a single professional woman you are educated, career focused, passionate, courageous AND you’re facing all the challenges your partnered co-workers are facing, except you’re facing them alone.  There are real challenges that professional women face in today's world that are magnified by being single and this summit is here to help.

The summit starts Monday, October 24, 2016 at noon and if you’re interested I urge you to sign up here.

All this said, even if you’re not single but curious about the speakers and content check it out here. (And if you feel so inspired, be sure to pass it along to your other single girlfriends.)  

I’ll be speaking Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 12noon PST on Soul Care: The Key to Building Greater Presence, Peace and Power and I’d love to have you join me.

Thank you for reading, for joining me and as always, thank you for being one of my people,


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