A bit of relief on this insane election day.

Today is a big day. A big f*cking day.A day so big, so historic, so insanely consequential that it’s hard to let the full gravity of it sink it.

Or if we have let the gravity sink it, we’ve been feeling flattened by it. That’s how I’ve been feeling. Flattened. And suffocated. And overwhelmed. Like the school bully has been sitting on my chest and yelling in my face for the last few weeks.

And it’s not just the election that’s got me feeling this way. It’s everything. Work, family, baby prep, making dinner, getting gas. Yes, last week, I felt overwhelmed by getting gas. This is new low for me.

And though I have been able to find moments of compassion and forgiveness for myself in small, fleeting doses, the overarching theme of my life recently has been “Anxious Yuckiness.” (A technical term.)

This election has brought so much hate, rage and vitriol to the surface that, no matter who is elected, we will still be left with plenty of toxic national sludge to wade through and clean up. Which, as I see it, is actually a good thing. It’s a good thing we’re being asked to address and face issues that have long been festering under the surface and I believe, if we do this right, we can forever change how America treats all its citizens and how we citizens treat each other.

And to do that, we have to be able to breathe. We have to be able to get the bully off our chests so we can fill our lungs, regain our balance and remember who we are, what we believe in and what we want to work towards.

Here are the three things currently helping me breathe, find relief and remember myself as the votes roll in:

#1.  These cookies. I’m probably eating one right now as you read this. I’ve been making a fresh batch every few days (yep, you read that right) and they’ve done me a world of good in remembering that even during chaos we still have access to simple, comforting pleasures.  

#2 This song. It’s poppy, yes, and the thumping beat reminds me of my heart. Still beating. Still working. Still loving. Still in it.

#3. This reminder: No matter what happens today, tomorrow morning the sun will rise. Tomorrow morning the day will begin and we will still be us. Though our country will have decided on new leadership, we will still have our values, our morals, and our desire to cultivate love and goodness in this world. No matter the outcome and the inevitable changes that will roll out, who we are at our core will not change. No matter what happens today, we will continue to push forward, continue to speak out, continue to support the causes we love, continue to say YES to compassion and NO to hatred, and continue to trust our deeply resilient selves, above all.

Tomorrow we will rise with the sun to continue our work towards the lives we want to create, towards the future we want to see, and towards the love we want to extend to ourselves and all beings.

And it’s in this profound knowing that I find relief.

All my love and may these help in offering you a little relief today too.



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