Craving inspiration

This morning I woke up needing a shot of inspiration. Perhaps it was the holiday travel, our current political state, the back-to-back Thanksgiving gatherings or the underlying anxiety of wanting Adam’s first Thanksgiving with my family to be a “good” one, but whatever it was, this morning was freakin’ rough.

My usual response to waking up on the wrong side of the bed is to fix it as soon as possible. So I meditated. Then journaled. Then ate breakfast. I did all the things I do to reconnect and lift my spirits and though they each helped a little, the bulk of my funky feelings stayed lodged in place.

“I hate this!” I thought, as I sat down to my computer. “This is bullsh*t. I don’t want to feel this way. In fact, I shouldn’t feel this way. I have no reason to feel sad and scared and worried and small. My life is f*cking good!”

Thankfully I had this podcast to get out to you today because in listening to it again as I prepped this post, I found the exact inspiration I needed.

Here is my interview on the Insatiable podcast with hosts Ali Shapiro and Juliet Burgh. Together we talk about emotional resilience, feeling our feelings and how to use my 3 P’s (Presence, Peace and Power) to reconnect to yourself and cultivate an engaged, fulfilling life.

It turns out, the reason I felt stuck this morning was because I was resisting my feelings and in listening to this podcast I found both permission to feel and inspiration to drop the self-judgment, which then eased me towards relief.

It may seem odd that I listened to my own words to get me back on track but the truth is, we’re always forgetting our own wisdom. We all get sucked into the dramas of life and need reminders that bring us back to ourselves and inspire us forward.

I had a great time doing (and listening to) this interview and I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it too. Click here for a listen.

And after you take a listen, I’d love to know your thoughts on the interview. Simply email me and lay them on me. Lots of love,



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