4 questions to ease you out of 2016 (and get you feeling hopeful for the year to come.)

Far too often we hurl ourselves into a new year without taking stock or giving reverence for the year we’ve just had. We forget the good work accomplished, the love shared, the disappointments felt, the unexpected gifts that appeared. Every December I take time to reflect on the year that has passed, usually chronicling what I’m grateful for and what I want to release before entering the year to come. This year however, I went a bit deeper as it seems digging deep is what 2016 has asked of us all.

The following questions are inspired by my dear friend Andrea who I had a chance to explore them with last week. Together we each wrote out our answers then shared what we’d discovered aloud. It felt so good to share, be witnessed and witness one another after such an intense few months and when I left her I had a deep reverence for my 2016 year that wouldn’t have come had we not been present for each other.

That said, you can certainly answer these questions on your own AND I invite you to do it with a partner. We all need love, understanding, reflection and witnessing right now and this is one beautiful way you can end your year and begin the new one with that soulful intention of connection.

The 4 questions are:

  1. What have I done, created or experienced this year that I'm proud of?
  2. What was hard this year? What was disappointing and what did I learn?
  3. What limiting/painful beliefs do I want to let go of for 2017?
  4. What was an unexpected blessing?

Before you begin writing, place one hand on your heart, the other on your belly and take a big deep breath. Have someone read the first question aloud then start writing. Let your words flow and when you come to a stop, take another deep breath and see if there is one more thing you can add to your answer.

Take turns reading the next 3 questions and when you’re done writing, share your answers with one another.

When you’re finished check in to see how you feel. What’s shifted in you by answering these questions? What are you currently feeling in your body? What can you see/understand/find reverence for now that you didn’t before? How are you now thinking about 2016 and the year ahead?

I’m so excited for you to explore these questions and if you can’t find a partner, feel free to shoot your answers over to me as I’d LOVE to hear what’s come for you.

All my love and may these questions lighten your heart and ease you into the year to come.





P.S. As I mentioned last week, January is the final month I’m offering clarity sessions before the baby comes (!!!). If these questions shifted some things and left you wanting more inspiration and reconnection, let’s talk. During our hour together we’ll explore what areas in your life need reconnecting to (career, relationships, focus & vision, creativity, spirituality, food, your body) and lay out a plan to make that reconnection a reality in 2017. Simply email me and we’ll get you on the calendar.